ideas to future scenes

Things will get bored, even though with new girls each time. I hope I can offer some ideas and suggestions to the future scenes on public disgrace, making things more exciting. My ideas are mostly not seen on current public disgrace scenes.

1. The girls could be on her all fours and be leashed and walked like a puppy, while she is collared and cuffed together with
connecting chains. Make sure the restraints are padlocked. It will look and feel much more exciting than just letting her walking nude and hands back. Isn't it?

2. For many of those who like bondage, they will agree that metal, chains, and padlocks are the more exciting elements than simply ropes because it's more secure both physically and mentally. I remember one of the most unforgettable scene to me which was made by l-a-tex in 1998. The girl in latex
being chained to the railing while hands cuffed at the back, she was left alone, peacefully looking at the sea. This scene
is so beautiful, so unforgettable. Similar scenes are not seen in recent years. Why not trying to make some in the history
of pornography?

3. I've suggested this earlier so I don't go into details - Think about doing public disgrace on male, while female dominant.

Thanks for the time reading!


  • Hi, I'm an italian woman. My English is not perfect so be patient with me.
    I'd like videos (I love "public disgrace") more innovative.
    I'd like a video with a model (Cassandra Cruz, Zenza Raggi, or.. ) dragged in chains in front of a group of young girls (+18) and then humiliated with spits on her ass kept open by hands (a similar moment is in a video: Aug 28, 2009 -
    Hot Euro slut gets tied up and fucked for the first time!!!! with Leo Galvez, Samy).

    If the model is a mature woman it would be better. I love this contrast.. mature woman humiliated in front of young, very young girls o guys. Naked and submissive with very youg folks. A similar idea is in "Nov 28, 2008 - Euro babe gets tied up and exposed to a field of soccer players totall...more with Carmen Blue".

    A GloryHole final with very young guys and a mature woman.
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