Putting girls more out of their comfort zone

I think you should put girls more out of their comfort zone for example Phoenix Marie loves anal but doesn t like cumming
so you should torture her more with orgasms and girls who don t like anal sodomize them and make them cum anally :D
Fell free to comment !!!


  • As long as we respect their limits...
  • Limits are meant to be pushed on occasion, but this should only take place between people who are already intimately familiar with one another. It isn't something that two performers working together for the first time can experiment with on a one off basis without seriously risking breaches of trust. Therefore, it's important in most cases for performers to stay within their comfort zone while in character and strictly adhere to their personal limits. However, everyone looks forward to the occasional scene where two familiar performers can push their limits somewhat to produce a scene that is entirely genuine and revealing. These are the scenes that make membership to Kink worthwhile for members who appreciate those rare moments.
  • How about erotic asphixiation? From what I read this is supposed to produce a more intense orgasm. It would interesting to see a model we have seen many times and has become a familiar face to us, discuss the experiance.
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