Old shoots from 5 years ago.

I*ve been watching some of the old shoots from years ago, and they are very different from the ones shown now. The females look ordinary not like the models used these days and the locations seem to be not in a studio. The girls are so natural and yet sexy. One I have seen has 2 girls and they really go for it, besides the machine there is lots of licking and 69s. I was wondering if there is any chance of this kind of shoot being brought back. It would be nice to see if any one else enjoys it and maybe it could be shown now and then.
Thank you. Ceeyou


  • Hi Ceeyou I was a member in the early days and agree with what you said , it inspired me to create my own machines and films. all with two girls and lots of licking and lots of kissing. the machines are all very different and large enough to be stable and safe and as a rubber moulder I was able to make my own custom made dildos and fixing system that made it safe to use and quick . So far I have made 7 films and 6 machines
    I have tried to contact Kink but they have never replied but I have stacks of ideas and
    plans for machines and storylines I hope the filmss will get reconition and some one will back me eventually. As for F/M there strongest thing is the quality of the models jh/uk
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