Is Summer Vengence too time consuming? 1/4 of a year.

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A lot can happen in 3 months due to models quitting for personal reasons and usually alters the tournament and also you see repetitive models again and again for those 3 months. Is there a way to speed the tournament or cut it shorter by any chance?


  • While I do not make porn, I've only made a short girlfight film depicting a tournament (, it took me 3 months to make a 4-fight film. It was my hopes to get all the girls together on the SAME DAY and go from there. But mine is scripted and took a good 4-6 hours just for 4 pages of script per fight.

    In its relation to US, US is porn. That means the girls are expected to have some sort of sex component (penetration) involved and be paid for it. That requires a lot of safety to also be involved since having girls do multiple scenes a day isn't safe for them (it does seem some of the porn world is shifting away from this practice). It would be 100% safe to have the first round the same day so long as every girl does one scene. Then the next week US could call the winners back to do their scenes. Then of course the other weeks to finish each round.

    It all sounds good on paper but there is too much reality involved with it to make it work. And here's the issues at hand:

    1. Money. Having, say 16 girls, perform in 8 fights means has to have the money to pay 16 girls for one day. Assuming each girl is paid $2,000 to do one scene (and all due respect I don't work for Kink so I don't know what they pay I just need numbers to work with) that's a whopping $32,000 a day. That doesn't include paying the referee, the cameraperson, the photographer, and anyone else in attendance behind the scenes. The referee and cameraperson especially would also have to be fed, likely one paid meal but I am sure they're also going to want breaks and an opportunity for another meal. But thankfully labor laws side well with and they can have one referee, cameraperson, and photographer (BTS crew) per every 4 matches, so two different crews a day, and Kink wouldn't have to feed them. While it is possible for KInk to do that and then edit the shoots and release them later, financially I'm not sure they would do that.

    2. Scheduling. You know how easy it is to get 16 girls, and I am only generalizing here because I need numbers to work with, in the same area together for one day? Obviously a shoot takes more time than we see when we see a finished video. Having 8 fights in one day, assuming each shoot takes 2 hours to shoot, would mean a 16 hours a day shoot. Now on a Hollywood film or any indie film 16 hours is doable and happens a lot. But for porn? What happens if one of the shoots has to run into another scheduled shoot due to maybe one of the girls being late or even as US has encountered, equipment failure? Now you have to deal with girls standing and waiting around and demanding more pay for their time (and trust me, this business makes a diva out of any nice girl and it happens all the time and they think they should be paid the same wage to sit and wait as they were when working).

    3. The multitude of more problems. Like I said, it took me 3 months to film 4 fight scenes. That was all because of the traveling distance. All of my cast had to travel 3-4 hours with little to no pay that day. Now let's look at the fact that Kink pays these girls and I can only assume well enough they come back. still has the same issues I did and they pay out the ass, I did not. So pay has been proven time and time again not to be a factor in determining employee motivation.

    But let's look at the porn industry problems. Some of these girls still go on their periods. Do you think they can do kink-style shoots on their periods? Some of these girls are moms - when it's time to pick their kid up from school that could delay a shoot that was already delayed. And what happens when a girl just isn't feeling well? We've seen sick girls participate in an US shoot and if I recall it wasn't a great result. But at least US did get a video from it and unfortunately in the "fuck on the fly" business that porn is you sometimes gotta take what you get and if a girl shows up and is sick then fuck it, it's better than a no-show at all. Not too mention some girls could have injuries, pains, staph infections, etc from doing other shoots.

    So in summary, yes it is possible but because US depends on real people to make its videos there is so much wrong that can happen, don't count on it.
  • I just thought of a great idea. Not that it should be done, but just an idea. Book 2 matches per update.

    *1 round each match sudden death (match starts full nude since is 1 round only).

    *We get 2 see 2 prized rounds per update for a month and a half instead waiting 3 months for the tournament to continue and the models not showing up because a lot can happen in 3 months and changes constantly continues.

    Now I don't know if we should keep the prized rounds separate or a tagteam style prized round. I prefer separate if this change were to happen.

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    Than we have here the same as at each other site. :(
  • I love the summer tournament. I Think its the highlite of the year at this site and Think its excitment that a Winner cant ducking anyone. its just to bad we cant have even more women in it.
  • Summer Vengeance is one of the reasons I joined kink
  • Well... I also like Summer Vengeance very much. But i want to set ranking more convincing. Sometimes ranking is so weird...
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  • Well... I also like Summer Vengeance very much. But i want to set ranking more convincing. Sometimes ranking is so weird...
    I agree, but the ranking is no doubt influenced to some degree merely to accommodate the scheduling difficulties of getting models together. It's tough enough to find competitors for the Summer Vengeance event let alone get the right competitors together at the right time. Hoping we find some new blood for the roster this year while holding on to the veterans we all love.

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