Sameness killing TSPH

Hi Team,

Please look into the recent TSPH uploads. There is no variety. Few members have cancelled their memberships because they are bored.

Here is a summary of the sameness we had in TSPH:

4 Kelli Lox shoots in a row - 12/9, 26/9, 10/10, 24/10

4 condom shoots in a row - 26/9, 10/10, 24/10, 7/11

4 strap-on shoots in a row - 10/10, 24/10, 7/11, 21/11

Common sense says if I run a company I will produce a nice mix to keep most members of varied tastes engaged in my products. Lets see if I get proper logical reply from Kink on this matter.


  • I agree with Neal that 4 shoots in a row with condoms and four shoots with the same tgirl in a row are not really a turn on. Nevertheless Kelly Lox is hot and she gave her best and I personally liked the shoots, because they were absolutely not boring. Only a handful of members (an impressive majority of the TSPH members) did not like them. When these three or five members cancel their membership this will really be a great loss, hahaha. And the so called sameness will surely not kill TSPH. Nevertheless I hope too, that there will be more shoots with bareback (ass) fucking in future again and tgirls sucking and fucking each other, but I we have to accept the girls decision, when they want to use condoms. Sorry Neal, I know You don' t like to watch tgirls getting straponfucked, but try to accept it, especially when the tgirls want it. Listen to the interviews before and after the shoots please. The likes of the actresses are much more important for the hotness of a shoot (much more than the likes of just three or five members) and so the likes of the actresses should be respected.
  • Phil - I am not criticising the content of the shoots. Obviously Kelli Lox is hot and her shoots are great - but why 4 shoots in a row? Thats 2 months of the same model. And we all agree condom shoots are boring - I know models have their boundaries. But Kink fighting so heavily against Prop 60 I would expect Kink to produce majority of bareback shoots or at least spread them around. The last topic of strap-on - yes I find it boring but I do understand some members like it. Again all I am saying just spread the shoots so that most members are engaged - If there are 4 sensual creampie scenes straight up you won't like it. Hope it makes sense.
  • I agree , makes sense! Hope to see more bareback shoots too.
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    Hi @neal7777

    Thank you for your feedback, what you're saying absolutely makes sense. Variety is the spice of life!

    I'm moving this post to the TSPH forum, hopefully the right people will see it there.
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