Identify a model

I cannot identify the name of this model I seen in The Upper Floor 41251_Party_pt1.mp4
If somebody can give me her name I thank him very much !


  • I think you will find she is not a model in the sense of Kink models. I also saw this show and she is one of the guests, so her name may not be known.
  • Thank you ! Best regards !
  • Nearby, Tifereth, Davey Faye, Jessie Sparkles and Quinn put on their own show, where Davey is bound to a post and pushed well beyond the point of delight, deep into torment.

    Davey Faye
  • @justbAdE - sorry, no - Davey Faye has red hair and tattoos, and Tifereth has modeled in Kink shoots, you can find her model profile here:
    I'm not sure why she's not linked in this shoot.
    These two are Jessie Sparkles (top) and Quinn (bottom).
  • sry 4 that but name was still in the discription ;)
  • so my google work was just half fail ;/
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