Welfare of a performer.

As I recently stated now I'm back, I've become a member of "Kink Unlimited" and am able to watch shoots I could not before. Have just been watching a show from October 30 2015, Hot Kinky Slave Orgy. In it one of the two newbies Ember Stone leaves the performance very early. She is to be seen in the second part and usually the performers for that part don't leave till about half way through when they have finished their first act. Her partner Ella Nova, Mickey Mod and Aiden Starr didn't leave till later.
Please tell me she was alright and not hurt in some way that she found that she had to call Mercy or even Red. Even if she wasn't could you tell her that a member was worried about her.
Thank you from a concerned member.


  • This has finally been sorted out. First I got my models mixed up, it was Joseline Kelly not Ember Stone. In the final interview at the end of the show she says she felt she was going to throw up a couple of times and she had to call mercy because she was coming to hard. I'm pleased that every thing turned out fine.
  • I thought I posted this but I guess I didn't: You are so considerate Mr. CU...thanks!!
  • You did, but I put it in two different sites. It was put firstly in The Upper Floor, but I didn't think it would be seen by many so rewrote it for General, and that is where you saw it. Sorry to make you think you were going round the twist.
    Thanks CU.
  • Hi sir...late for you!!!
    For us too so I'll say good night for now sir!!!
    GO LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!
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