Shoots with a major reluctance turned loving it theme.

I'm newer to this particular section. I've found some, but haven't had success finding many others because of how bad the search function is. A good example of what I'm talking about is the "la seduction of Chloe Camilla shoot." Can anyone help me out


  • I have to agree with you here. The theme of submissives overcoming their initial resistance to being dominated and eventually deriving sublime pleasure from their own domination is always an exciting one. Would very much like to see more "loving bondage" as it is sometimes called, but perhaps on a different Kink site. After all, they don't call it "Whipped Ass" for nothing.
  • I'm a bit disappointed that this threat didn't provoke any more discussion. This is an important concept of BDSM behavior in general and should be worthy of comment. I'd hate to think that any discussion of love or intimacy as an element in the BDSM equation is completely absent from the interests of Kink members or producers.
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