Are your BT nuts?

You have arguably the best porno content globally. Which must be the core of your business model.
What a shame, that now, after you have tried to improve something on your website, you have one of the worst websites of world famous media brands. May be the worst one. It is a total disaster! Seriously somebody should be fired for that, probably the whole BT team, and here is why.

Unlike your unbeatable content, your website interface really was far from meeting the competition. And there is some, you know. You really needed to make some upgrade, everybody can understand that. But your BT guys ruined everything even those not too much interface things that you used to have for whatever reason. It is century XXI, there are tons of books on how you provide website rebuilding. Give it a beta-testing, give it a double look option (old and new), give it a step by step... But no. Reinventing the wheel - and here is the outcome: the websites does neither works with iOS (AppleTV, iPad, iPhone) with me, nor it is workable on a Windows laptop. No pics, no educated selection, no personal fit - means failure to please a client completely. That stands for "don't watch". Done deal.

I am signing off until fixed. I just don't know what I am paying for now. It's not a website with the best paid content, it's ex-marvelous content chewed and spitted out on a black web-salad. Check your traffic: guess your kind of loosing both new and returning clients these days. Mean, cash flow. You are to be overkilled by lucky competitors in a few weeks. Again, somebody should loose a job.

P.S.: There is not too much complaints here (like thousands), because people just can't login too the support forum. Ridiculous! I've only managed it in one browser only on a laptop with a second attempt. Come on!


  • Hi @ChromeKink,

    Thank you very much for sharing your feedback. We have passed it along to the UI/UX team. We appreciate your input, because it helps us to plan the next improvements to the site and continue to adapt to the needs of our members.

    I also see that the support team has been in contact with you about your questions. Since you haven't replied back since the 25th, we're hoping that you have been able to get the site to work for you on your devices. If not, please write back and let support know.

    I see that you have been a member since August (unless you previously had a different account). So you are probably not aware of the evolution which this site has already undergone. For example, we have recently updated our pagination for searches and browsing to make it easier for members to browse our full library (nearly 20 years of shoots!). We have also added content tagging and advanced model search functions and are currently developing a preference engine to help you find your favorite content more easily in the future.

    One thing that I do find alarming - I know our support team replied about this in your email exchange, but our site DOES work on iPad and iPhone (not yet for Apple TV) as well as with Windows. We are NOT compatible with Safari or Edge browsers, however. Chrome or Firefox are both available for Windows and iOS, and Kink works best with those two browsers.

    Regarding the photosets - we are actually in the process of bringing those back, specifically due to the overwhelming member feedback. So again, thank you for sharing your opinion with us!
  • And thanks tech support for being on top of things as you always are...
  • Hi Kink_tech_support:
    I concur that the site does work on iOS (which is what I have) but the giant problem is that the site design and feature set is just as bad as chromeKink says. Now, I do use iOS to view Kink content about 90% of the time but my usage is mediated by the Plex media server. That is, I download shoots to my Plex server and then use the Plex client to view them!! This neatly bypasses your web site and it does give me the enjoyment of viewing your content on iOS.
    Your goal should be to make the site good enough so that I don't need to bypass the site using Plex.
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    @cobalt36 -

    Thank you very much for the constructive criticism. I will let the UI team know that at least one (so probably more!) members are using this sort of workaround to use our site. You absolutely shouldn't have to, and I hope that soon you can put Plex to other use than on Kink.
  • I think the biggest issue I have with the site is its search functionality. I find it almost impossible to search and find the content I am interested in. For example, their are multiple shoots that I used to love from whipped ass. However, I can no longer search a keyword on just that site. This means that my keyword now goes through every site!!!!! The search function really needs to be fixed.
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    Finally, some progress! And your $19,99 is very timely.
  • @rooger - we hear you, and we're working on it! We've recently started incorporating content tags into the shoots (you'll see them just below the rating) the next step is enabling people to use the tags to narrow search results and set browsing preferences, etc. Thank you for your patience.
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