watching and touching women

marvie here im wondering ive seen men at the upper room or floor where they bring a girl in and guys and women get to feel her up or her titties or coochie and or butt, how can i do this


  • From what I seem to remember being mentioned before, that in the case of these guests that people speak to the guy and or girl and ask permission before laying hands on the female guest. In the case of the Kink models, I believe it has been stated that any contact with these females is strictly forbidden, unless encouraged to by Stefano or whoever is in charge only if it's part of the show. ie if Stefano says to spank her butt. If any other part of her body is touched then action will be taken against the person concerned.
  • Makes PERFECT sense CU!
  • I agree with Miss's all up to what the models want to do and what's acceptable to them...their safety is paramount!
  • @marvie - Stefanos gives a speech (off camera) to the guests before every shoot, outlining the rules. One of the most important rules he gives is ASK FIRST - so when you see people touching each other at the parties, know that they have permission to do so. You may not have seen the part where they negotiated this beforehand, but you can safely assume that this did happen.
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  • Keeping it real! I like it!
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