School Under Desk Theme

1 Female Star - Take Your Pick
1 Ts Star - Jessey Dubai or Ts Foxxy

TS student is failing her mid terms and is at risk of be expelled. She sneaks into the head deens office to steal the exam answer paper. She finds it but before she can leave, the head deen is heard heading into the office. The student hides under the desk. The deen comes in and sits in her chair. The student now caught under the desk is ducking avoiding the deens legs and feet. The deen informs her secretary not to disturb her and hold all calls. She spreads her legs and takes off her panties. She begins rubbing her pussy making it moist. The Ts student watches and pulls her dick out and jerks off. The deen feels a pulse off pleasure and kicks her leg out under the desk, ultimately feeling the Ts student under there. She roles her chair back and is shocked to find the Ts student. The ts student comes out with her cock in her hand. They talk abit about why, what and how etc.

The Ts student begs for the deens help in her mid terms. The head deen has an idea for how she can pass her exams.

And the let the fucking begin!!!!!!!!

Any thoughts?


  • would it not be better if the teacher is ts.....considering then the student will get a shock factor then find out she is into her teacher cause she has a cock
  • =D> =D> =D>
  • Personally I think it be hotter if the dean was the ts and the student was a girl, ts jessy daubi and the girl Rikki rax but awesome idea!!!
  • What about this?

    *female student goes into classroom to get her consfiscated phone or cigarettes from the Ts teachers draw before lesson starts. Bell rings, students and the teacher are heading in. The female student about to be caught (and not in that class) hides under the desk.

    Ts teacher tells the students to pipe down an open there books etc. Ts sits at the desk with the student trapped. As the teacher is markin stuff she spreads her legs and her dick is shown to the student who gasps in shock. Student is stunned.

    Ts teacher just so happens to be marking that student under the desks exam paper and remarks "stupid girl, thats wrong, thats rubbish...." etc. The student upon hearing this decides to get her own back.....

    She begins to start stroking the teachers dick. Teacher has a confused look. Student then begins to suck. Ts panicks and says theres a fire an everyone has to leave! Confused students get up an leave. Student continues sucking until the ts pulls her out and starts making out.

    Scene plays out, student gets bent over andngets fucked. Numerous positions and cumshot on tits.

    Rate! Outa 5
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