a saw parody/everything butt crossover

i was thinking this might end up being in some intrests as it could start in a dark room the girl chained to the machines with her feet then jigsaw comes in and says do you want to play a game?

keep up with the machines then i might let you go mostly anal machines and the last scene have it 2 dping her pussy, 1 in her ass nd 1 in her mouth.....

and i was thinking you could probably do this sort of scene with other sites as follow ons

"do you want to play a game?" collect enough cum in your pussy to free your lover so its like a cuckhold as well

2 best friends and a man get caught and the game is they need to fuck to get out of the cell the guy is fine with it he goes with it but the girls are reluctant about it so he needs to fuck them hardcore style at the end the girls go with it as well.....then the girls go away and (like the movie) it turns out the guy was jigsaw

a girls in bondage and the other one isn't the game is they need to fill the bowl full of squirt to get released......the girl gets it but its only the one girls squirt so she feels used so she gets her own back on the other girl and leaves her for jigsaw after tiring her out
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