Fuckingmachines ... creativity and the fantasy is dead !

I have been a subscriber for many years but after the recent changes to the site I have decided not to renew.
Not for the increase of the subscription price but because the are with update every two weeks.
Also I do not see more creativity / fantasy.
some examples:
1) over the last 52 shots 49 were SCI-FI Set, and 4 other sets.
Why do not you use most others Set: Bathroom, living room, medical room,
gym, etc ....
2) Always use the same machines.
3) There are at most 2/3 scenes with machines in every shot.

Perhaps because there are only 2 per month with update may increase the duration of the shots, try doing more machines to the models.

I really hope something can improve.



  • pappok29 - I totally agree with you. I tried to be a Kink Unlimited Member and I am very disappointed about that. I thought fuckingmachines shoots every week. Hope this comes back soon.
  • I couldn't agree more. Since the removal of pictures with the overhaul I haven't subscribed for the first time in over a decade, but try to keep an eye out for new updates. The last two fucking machines shoots featured only TWO positions, and very boring ones!! I really want to subscribe again, but this is making it very difficult. I thought one of the benefits of bi-weekly updates was that the directors could put more into the shoots, but I am not seeing that. So sad.
  • I agree as well. The only thing that seems to change between shoots is the model only. They all seem to do the same thing each time. I think they should put in more bondage or anything to spice it up really.
  • Kink has a wealth of talent I have made films in the U.K. and it has been a learning curve for both me and the models . The more they shoot the more at ease they become the more you can do to make the shoots special its a bonus if you have the number of models that kink has so they should be able to create a great shoot I feel I have with just a fraction of the resources they have jh/uk
  • from what I see fuckingmachines.com is a dying site.
  • Yep. It is "look, the Sci-Fi scenario!!". And one anal every four shots just for two brief scenes. Well, and the lack of enthusiasm of the performers, that is really killing the site.
  • I do not feel it is right to blame the performers they will have a script limits and Kink has some great models
  • agree with R1...it's too easy to criticize the models here...they work hard!
  • Thanks Miss Alex for that comment...the models do work really really hard and it's not easy what they do!
  • a clarification, the only things that are good for me are these:
    1) models for me are always amazing.
    2) the machine is used at maximum speed more than before.
    For the rest as I said little creativity & fantasy.
    see the next update.
  • Nikki Next shot .... I have seen the preview of his shot:
    Beautiful model , machines used at max speed ....
    but the fantasy is dead.
    Always the same sci-fi scenario.
    The maximum of fantasy has been to change the armchair.
    Absurd !! :(
  • Yea, fucking machines has become more boring than i can believe. Same set, same positions week after week. Unbelievable.
  • It is a shame that I do not have the means to run my own site yet I put the films on pay to view sites in the U.S .as a means of getting them out there. It would be great to have the models that KINK has at there place. But one thing for creativity and machines you
    do not need a masive amount of money. It may well be that the membership revenue is
    not suficent to invest large amounts into the site but may be the cause of this is the content. I have offered to shoot a film in the studio in the UK but no reply but may be thats good news as when I started this site set the standards
  • Yep, same set and same positions again this week. And now we have to wait 2 more weeks till another update? What bothers me most is kink has access to more than a dozen sets and infinite props ready to go with lighting and sound- and we see the same set shoot after shoot. Story lines be gone- this site has turned into the Casting Couch minus bondage dudes. I have been a fan of FM since 2005 but I am officially not going to pay for this site anymore!! Listen to your loyal fans or close the doors. And kink-- If you have to cut your monthly content by half and make us wait for content- maybe buying a city block sized building was your demise! Hey Peter!! You had better content back in the day in that small loft studio back 10 years ago. We wouldn't be so mad if we didn't love your old content right?? I won't blame JP, the models, or the hard working folks behind the scenes. After all, they are probably barely getting paid judging from the sight of this sinking ship. Put us all out of our misery and close the doors if you won't respond to your loyal long time fans. I know my subscription will be CANCELLED until you can deliver product! Peace out!! There are TONS of good studios still willing to take my credit card!
  • From my perspective, it doesn't matter to me what the set is, which machines are used, or how fast the machines run. It's all about the model and her experience on set. Whatever fulfills her personal desires is what I want to see whether its oral, vaginal, anal or preferably all three in a variety of positions. The point of FM is for the model to experience unrelenting sex in whatever fashion fulfills her fantasy to the limits of her endurance and satisfaction.
  • Believe it or not watching an unrelenting substitute penis can get boring if all the videos are similar.
    Might I suggest a radical change to make things interesting. The machine does the female sex role, i.e. the man using the machine does the phucking, the machine gets phucked.
    I saw this weird Japanese video. The man opens a large box , and removes the bubble wrap, revealing a beautiful Asian girl. He lifts her out of the box. ,the model does absolutely nothing.
    She is one of those models who have learned to stay completely still for a long time.
    This model is made up so she looks too good to be true. It looks like the Japanese sex doll industry has succeeded in creating a model that looks exactly like the real thing, but a little better. They have created a body with several types of silicone, that is as soft as a real woman would be in certain areas, and a little bit firmer where a real girl would be a bit firmer.
    The man moves her arms and legs like she was a big Barbie doll, and the parts stay exactly where he put them.
    He sets her up on her hands and knees. Then he he he plugs in a transformer that has a long line cord.
    At one end is something that looks like what you stick in a walkman to connect the head phones. He sticks this in her ear. He can tell she is turned on because she blinks every 10 seconds exactly the same way with exactly the same amount of time between blinks.
    Then he removes her panties. He then inserts a syringe in her vagina to pump in lubricant. Her labia majora inflate. and her vagina seems to open and close. She moves back and forth slightly. When she moves forward it closes, and in reverse it opens.
    Then he sticks his thing in there and makes love to her.
    Is she a real live girl or a robot?, you can't be sure.
    A man has to compete for a mate. If she looks very good, she can do better than you, so she won't let you touch her. This fake one nods her head vertically when you ask her if she wants to be your bitch.
  • "the models do work really really hard and it's not easy what they do! "

    I would like to have a job where I only had to work as hard as that.
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