Why won't Ariel X get naked during round 4???

Why doesn't Ariel X get naked during Round 4 anymore? She used to.

Especially when there is a live audience during the tag team matches, it is very disrespectful.

She has the best body -- and why should we pay for a subscription when she won't show it?


  • Sorry, rd 4 is for the winners and losers, not for the referee to show her body. And it's up to Ariel whether she joins in naked in rd 4 or not. When she doesn' t join in (naked) (and in my opinion the ref should not join in) then this has nothing to do with disrespect! Idiotic comment!
  • She used to get naked.

    Nudity and content should be determined by the subscribers who pay her wage.
  • Thankfully in this case the subscribers have nothing to determine.
  • Subscribers (like me) leave, if not satisfied.
  • O. K. then leave
  • already have
  • the matter of it is this....ariel isn't the star of the matches....that may be one reason why she doesn't get involved anymore....out of anything she might think of it being disrespectful for the wrestlers that they just go through 4 rounds of hard finger bashing just to get to the end rounds with ariel stealing the spot light

    just to mention this isn't a reason i have heard but it may be possible for that to be the reason
  • One of the important things that drives this decision is if Ariel is tested or not. All models participating in any sexual activity need to have an all-clear test done within 14 days before the shoot. So if Ariel has to join in rd4, she needs to plan in advance , get tested and join in the fun. She told me this when she was shooting the last Milf match this year.
  • Funny that this topic did not come up when Matt was in charge ARIEL is the ref the producer and the director she is good at it and that is why probably this site is still updating as normal. Ariel is also very good the other side of the camera so good she
    does not have to prove anything. U/S is all about those that are wrestling on that mat
    Ariel keeps them safe but for the shoot they are the stars ,
  • you wanted to see Matt naked?
  • Interesting reasonings.

    But my preferences veer towards a nude Ariel X.

    In my opinion, US is not worth my time or $.
  • i guess its Bye, Bye SagerO... go be a bore somewhere else - we don't need your $ or bad attitude...!
  • wow... being civil (but having an alternative opinion) is now a bad attitude. Interesting
  • It's nice ariel steps in RD4 from time to time, but not in every match.
  • Sager0 you should realize how things work a U/S match although differeent is still a shoot and the models are hired and Ariel is the director as was Matt so there role is to direct and ref the match , Isis as a ref was the first to join in round fours and was critisised for doing so. As for threatening to leave grow up you are not a child. Jusr be
    thankful we see this beautiful lady every week jh/uk
  • I second R1YAM's comments. Thanks.
  • Hey SagerO - Civil is good, alternate opinions are good when they are constructive. 'Your' blunt comments appear to suggest you don't have the time or money for this site. Thanks - see ya... or do you have something constructive to say!
  • We're with R1YAM...let's just be glad what we have here...is it perfect? NO...but what is!
  • how is that child-like, riyam?

    asking (or even expecting) quality? and, also personal preferences.

    agree with dommealex -- but I guess people are too fragile for, dare I say, constructive criticism.

  • I agree with you Miss Alex...Kink may not be perfect but it beats NO KINK! And Miss Ariel knows what she's doing!!!!!!
  • yeah, it beats nothing.

    That's a bit of a low bar though.
  • I think R4 should be for the combatants only. Ariel can ref naked or topless :)
  • Jimbo - how about bottomless?
  • how so, Fligger?
  • Ariel is enployed by Kink to direct a number of sites and U/S is one of them so she is a bust young lady and her role at U/S is as a ref and this is crucial to the site. If as when
    Matt left sudenly you are left with no experienced ref s then the site not only does it not function properly iy becomes dangerous. The models that wrestle on the site are hired
    for the shoot via agents,, So Ariel is of special status as she is a kink DIRECTOR REF
    and I am sure Model WHEN SHE CHOSES to be on any site. Put it more clearly at U/S
    ARIEL X is the BOSS and a very good one at that so that is the point Fligger was making.
  • Ariel X referee
    RD1 Ariel top and bottop with referee socks.
    RD2 Ariel X topless and bottom with refferre socks.
    RD3 Ariel X full nude with referee socks.
    RD4 - I think Ariel X should put the loser into several submissions before RD4 actually begins. That's just my opinion.
  • Ariel knows what's best!
  • might need to see the employment contract
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    kf-us-ax- btmless

    this is a bit out of context, buttttt one solution mite be to have Ariel Direct & Model-in a shoot for EB - one that has a 'refereeing' element in it (like a fantasy type 'wrestling' match involving some lubriciously salacious fun in the ring) then we can see her in an Everything Butt position that steers clear of the stigma that is created as is being discussed above in which or from being produced during an official U-S match....(which all is very true - both sides and everything in between...) In Rd4 - Ariel can then have a rip-roaring romping/rumping time...

    and YES she does have a '...best body...' that not only 'rocks' and will sock it 2u buttt will lock u into a world of powerful beauty....

    kf-us-ax- btmless 01
    kf-us-ax- btmless 00
    kf-us-ax- btmless 02

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
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