A New Breed of Cuckold

Okay, so I'm big into cuckolding, and I love how popular it's gotten in the last few years. But I've noticed that everyone does it the same way... and it's not necessarily the best way.

I'm talking about Femdom. It says a lot that Kink, which puts out the highest quality cuckold porn around, does it all under the Divine Bitches channel. The typical cuckold scene is always a femdom scene. It's always about the domme wife domming her husband. And the bull just stands there, until the lady's ready to be fucked. He rarely speaks, and he barely participates in the domination.

And that's fine. Lots of people like that. But there's another way.

For me (and, I assure you, for a lot of guys like me) the ultimate cuckold fantasy is a maledom scene. It's about the bull dominating both me and my girlfriend. He doesn't just stand there, waiting for permission; he whips his dick out and commands my girl to spread her legs. And she does, because she's just that into him. And I beg her not to, but she can't resist him.

She doesn't hate me. She's not abusing me and berating me and laughing at my small dick. She loves me. And she's told me, over and over again, that size doesn't matter. That my inability to make her cum doesn't make me any less of a man. My feelings really matter to her.

And she doesn't want to hurt me by fucking another guy... but she just can't help herself. His dick is stronger than my love. Being a real man, he has the power to induce uncontrollable lust in her, which I just can't. He can take her away from me without breaking a sweat. And he's not afraid to do it.

I don't beg my wife to stay faithful to me. I could, but it wouldn't do any good. I have to beg my best friend not to defile my beautiful soul mate. But my begging only makes it easier for him.

He's the one who orders me to strip naked, so he can laugh at my inferior dick. He's the one who ties me up, so I have to stay there and watch him fuck my wife. He's the one who treats me like a little boy, pulls me over his lap and spanks me for my inadequacy, and puts a cage on my cock so I can't play with myself.

And he's the one who orders me to kiss my wife after he cums all over her face.

Sure, it's a little gay. A a weird gay overtone in an otherwise straight porn. So call it bisexual. Or... don't even categorize it. Let it be it's own thing

Male-dominated cuckold porn. Just give it a try. At the very least, it's an untapped market.

(Sorry about the manifesto...)


  • I agree. Suggested a similar scene idea. Got an ambivalent response. As you pointed out, does not seem to fit cleanly into gay or straight categories.

    Here's what I posted:

    "Hi Friends at Kink,

    I have a fantasy that I have rarely if ever seen portrayed on Kink or anywhere else: A male/female couple is taken captive, dominated, enslaved, and over time they are trained and turned into slave sex toys. They belong to another dominant couple, or perhaps a single Master. The submissive couple become well-trained, docile and obedient slaves. Their Master uses them together or individually. The Master may use the female slave and command the male slave to watch and assist, or the other way around, depending on his desires at the time. Sometimes the couple are commanded to perform or fuck for their master, but it is always under the complete control of their Master and for His pleasure only.

    Is this an appropriate scene for S&S or another channel?


    Here's the response I got:
    It's a nice idea. S&S is typically 1 female and 1 male only. Maybe The Upper Floor or Hardcore Gangbang is better suited for their group content.
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