Friday 2nd September - Live Tag Match

For the members who complain about no information about the Live US matches, here you go:

Details can be found here -
Models in action - Lisa Tiffan and Penny Barber against Adley Rose and Cheyenne Jewel
Time - Same time as usual - Starts at 7 pm Pacific Time

You need to create a flirt4free account and watch the match - its free. There will be a Kink Help rep who will constantly ask for Tips if you request anything during wrestling rounds or rd4.

Enjoy folks!!!


  • I'm here but no live show.
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    the 'LIVE' show isnt scheduled until 7pm (San Francisco Time)

    at time of this post its only 6pm there so depending when u read this
    its not for approximately 1 hr....
  • That was the revearse running clock on the calender site. Now the next clock is til 7pm. And Ariel speake a while ago from changing the time.
  • kf-us - sfo lcl time

    to Update current Local Time in San Francisco, California. USA
    click on above image...
  • Oh i dont need it, my laptop had in the right, down corner clocks for 3timezones, Paris time, London time and SF time.
  • The last live match i have seeing was the last live match on the k2 platform.
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    ok - yes but K3 has no access nor does KINK produce any 'LIVE' shows anymore that ive seen...

    ur probably not the only one who is wondering...
  • I have used the link from neal777.
  • So i see the first round as guest then i becomes the offer to create an acc. I have created an acc that cocts me round2. then after the first half from round3 the took me out with the offer to create an acc and always when i'm login comes "create an acc" so i see the last seconds from the fourth round. I must say I'm really not amused.
  • I agree with commissioner. I couldn't rejoin rd 3 due to the same reason and so I went to bed, hahaha and consequently didn't (or couldn't watch rd 3 and rd 4). Obviously Flirt4free is the same bullshit (sorry) like the new kink format in my opinion.
    By the way the stupid distracting audience was still around. That only shows that kink doesn' t take note of the forum comments in which the majority of the members voted against the audience during live matches. Obviously the kink bosses do what they want without regarding the members. That's a really bad development. Biweekly updates only, an unneccessary bad new format and now flirt4free. One disaster after the other. Thank You very much kink for such "ingenious" improvements.
    Can somebody at least tell me who won yesterday and who got fucked??
  • AX 'help'... - never good when paying public is unhappy and getting more unhappy with the video set-up, minimal ootm's and the noisy tag event audience...!
  • It seems like a bit of a mess the recent events have been confusing the end results are at present for some disapointing . kINK have a problem which is probably to many sites not enough revenue. But there new format is at present a disaster V/R FLIRT FOR FREE what next a bdsm puppet show. It all started with the James Dean incident and the Fifty shades of grey thing. May be if more time and control was spent on the production
    and standards. And less money and time spent on the Armoury then Kink may have been in a better spot than they are now. A big problem for them is it was done in such a confusing way also a lot of the members ( customers ) are feeling let down and there is
    some tough cometition out there. Kinks promise that things will improve as the two weekly updates will mean better content will be hard to achieve as those who have been long term members will know go back a few years and the content was strong and done on a weekly basis . i do hope the staff can sort things out but I for one feel the content
    was the problem not the format or the gimicks and that was due to a lot of talented staff
    leaving in a short time frame jh/uk
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