Chapter from my new book "Sex & Attention" inspired by my #1 fetish! What do you guys think?

I moaned out in the alley when he entered me. I could see people walking by but none of them seemed to be paying us much attention. Kich continued going and gripping my waist really close making me take all of his cock.
“Oh you're such a dirty whore. Look at you getting fucked outside,” he whispered in my ear and then bit me.
We ended up getting two viewers. A couple was passing by and they stopped to watch.
“Wank me baby,” the guy said to his girlfriend. She put her hands in his pants and started to jack him off. I assumed it was the term used in this area to describe jerking off as we Americans say. It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done in my life and the audience made it so much better. I caught eye contact with the girl a few times while I was getting pounded and she was on her knees wanking and sucking him off.
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