Chapter from my new book "Sex & Attention" inspired by all my fetishes!

edited August 2016 in Sex and Submission
He flipped me over on my knees and slid my shorts off then my panties. He spread my pussy lips and started to lick me from the back. He had his entire face in my ass and my pussy. He was taking long licks going back and forth between them both. Then he sat back on the bed and pulled me on top of him.
“Sit,” he slid his cock into me and I started to ride him.
Are we really having sex without a condom right now? I'm going to regret this tomorrow.
“You're mine now,” he said.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Tell me,” he pulled my hair.
“I'm yours now,” I said as I continued to bounce on top of him.
“Tell me how big of a slut you are,” he put his hands around my neck.
“I'm such a slut,” I repeated.
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