A question for Ariel X regarding a behind the scenes video

Hi, so I was watching a "US behind the scenes" video the other day and I seem to remember you during a booking process saying something along the lines of "oh, she's inexperienced, I won't put her up against a veteran, it won't be interesting".

So, I just wanted to ask, why don't you find that interesting? I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there that love one-sided matches. My favorite matches have always been ones where the one fighter has 0 points and the other four digits. Who can forget the gems Annie Cruz offered against dragon lilly or dia zerva, or the matches of Loreena Santchez and Jayden Cole?

Wouldn't anyone love to see Dragon Lilly against Alexa Nova for example? Now there's an idea!

So, please consider one-sided matches more, just sayin.


  • Yeah you are 100% right. I add that good jiu jitsu girl love to fight against weaker fighters, because they can put all their techniques on them. Everyone know that when there is a good Bjj vs good Bjj it cancel all.

    Matt was a genius : lorena sanchez : first match with isis, and second one, ok that was good lets take her to syd ;)

    He has done the same with tawni who fought isis and syd in her first two matchs.

    I think a lot of good girl will not fight at US because ariel will put them against an equally strong fighter.

  • It would be soooo hot if a veteran would go strong against a rookie without hurting them of course. I miss seeing that. Instead now the matches are more like a training course.
  • Actually, Ariel always prefers to match up rookie competitors with more experienced wrestlers not only to prevent the rookies from getting hurt by their inexperience, but also to provide them the basic training skills that they will need to compete. Some of these matches end up being one sided and others end up being more competitive, but they are all interesting in some respect. The Rookie tournament was designed to give competitors with limited experience an opportunity to prove themselves on the mat against competitors of similar skill rather than forcing them to compete against skilled wrestlers against which they had no chance. Yes, it's great to see a skilled wrestler complete dominate a novice sometimes, but I appreciate the fact that Ariel is trying to encourage her models to develop their wrestling skills in order to be more competitive.
  • I agree absolutely with gorgon695 and in my opinion onesided matches are even boring.
    There is nothing hotter than matches between skilled wrestlers or between rookies
    when they make their first experiences. By the way: Matt was absolutely no genius. Ariel is the much better director.
  • I think that evreybody will be happy if there is a true domination with forced orgasms in round 4. I the kind of things that Dragon lily has made to tia ling : THE HITACHI .

    Kink has a lot of sex toys and Ariel could put a good hold on the looser to allow the winner to fuck out completely the looser with some good sex toys.

    A looser must not be able to walk away without 3 orgasms.

    In the curent situation, as far as i can see in the preview: there is essentialy strapon.

    A good orgasm forced out by the winner with a sex toys on the loser blocked in a BJJ hold by ariel will be cool.

  • Thanks Phil. I'm a big fan of competitive wrestling myself, although, like laurencew, I also like to see matches where one competitor completely dominates the other. However, it depends entirely on the wrestlers attitudes as to whether or not those matches are exciting or boring. Nothing is worse than watching a competitor flail around on the mat like a wet noodle without making any effort, but watching a skilled wrestler use outstanding holds to subdue an opponent is quite exciting.

    Laurencew also raises the perennial question concerning OOTM (orgasms on the mat) for losers. There are some vocal participants in the forums who advocate that losers should not be allowed a Rd 4 orgasm as a form of punishment for their losing. They believe that the losers should be punished and humiliated. I'm of the opposite opinion. I agree that the losers should have to submit to the desires of the winner in Rd4 to the extent that they agree on their personal limits, but I also believe that all losers deserve an OOTM just for participating in this unique competition of sexual domination. The orgasm in itself is a submission and represents the "ultimate surrender" There are other Kink site available to satisfy the desires of those who want to view punishment and humiliation.
  • 'OOTM's - i gather most agree OOTM's are a pleasurable part of any U/S match... to me 'OOTM's in rounds 0ne - Three 'are' the Ultimate Surrender - as they are created during the actual unstaged 'battle'...! The build up to an 'in the battle' OOTM IS an almost unexplainable, exillerating moment in time... Rd 4 'ootm's are staged with no drama or anticipation...

    'OOTM's after round three are still pleasurable with the moaning and exstacy provide by the recipient - however these are 'staged' and thus lose all of the drama and most feeling of helplessness a 'during the match' orgasm[s] offers.
  • Thank you to everyone for their input, but the crucial question remains:
    How about that Dragon Lilly vs Alexa Nova match, is it scheduled yet, Ariel?
  • Sorry to say but I do not see any chance as Dragon Lily has retired from the competitive wrestling jh/uk
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    w/ Ariel there is always possibilities shes 'bound 2 cummmmm' up with something.... (imko) she's proven 2b FAN-tastic in producing very surprising results whether in the tuff-grinding Tournaments, the Features, and/or Fantasy Scripted...etc....etc...
    if she can get the Models consent and working all the logistics and other details involved
    u can count Ariel in on making it happen... true it mite be Fantasy - Scripted as bringing Dragon Lily back or some other U-S Champion from retirement as an optional variant ... Ariel X is very creative .... and true it may involve other sites buttt it will be an event that will have something for those who enjoy scantily clad girls stripping each other naked then having fun enjoying submitting to the Domme or Dommes is always a good start (imko)...
    so true is Ariels stmt "oh, she's inexperienced, I won't put her up against a veteran, it won't be interesting"... so put in context of the un-scripted US Tournament grueling repetitive format...that which Ariel is speaking is true...
    in a Fantasy scripted Match with some extras thrown in it could make for an interesting
    featurette (imko)...which this kinkster believes Ariel is very very capable of - if all the elements 'cummmm' together... A big 'however', finding time to do it - is a whole diff issue ....

    in my fantasy world it would be great to see any KINKy Female Models (with no U-S published appearances to date of this post...) take to the 'mat of naked endurance' even if just Fantasy scripted....

    (in no implied order...)
    Abella Danger
    Lauren Phillips
    Sadie Santana
    Kleio Valentien
    Roxanne Rae
    Rose Rhapsody
    Cherry Torn
    Jodi Taylor
    Lauren Phillips
    Phoenix Marie

    .....just to suggest a few.....

    also - any already seen 'veterans' are welcome to join in as kinky well (retired or not)...
    such as Dragon Lilly vs Alexa Nova or 'likes of' can still be a possible perceptibility...

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
  • I'd love to see Phoenix Marie (especially!) get that bubble ass of hers FUCKED RAW on the wrestling mat, then dragged to Whipped Ass for a follow up (the Last one was off the charts!)...any of the others would work as well
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