One thing I dislike about Bound In Public

What's the point of filming in front of an audience if the audience is just there for background? I'm tired of seeing the same ol'dick attached to same guy in every other video like christian wilde or sebastian keys. How about you slap a condom on one of the guys in the audience and let them bang the bottom. Average joes , the chubby guy, the silver daddies, or the guy wearing what appears to be a wedding ring, you get the point. I don't know if sales are good or bad over at kinkmen but if its the latter maybe you should change up the formula on all your sites because the videos are getting stale.


  • This sounds hot!! Love the idea! Hope the Kink Men directors take a note of this
  • I haven't seen BIP on the new update schedule, so I don't think they will... :((
  • Hope the ones making the movie actually browse these forums
  • I would love to see more audience participation on all the channels that have an audience
  • I think you will find that it*s against Kinks rules to allow anybody other than male models to be in contact with the female models. Any director who allowed this action could find themselves in trouble. Remember the female models are not just anyone, and they are not going to allow themselves to be used in anyway that is not safe for them. If it*s members of the audience you want to see, why not let them be like TUF and interact among themselves. If they allowed this to be tried, it is a big risk, that it only takes an accident with a condom and the next thing you know a female model has an STD.
  • I don't think you read it clearly but from my paragraph I think it was pretty clear that I was talking about the gay bip. I don't know how the straight one works but in the gay bip the guys all wear condoms. Either way you are correct I realize the guys in the movies are people so I'm not telling the directors or models what to do but requesting. In some of the movies some of the guys interact and even blow some of the audience guys. It is clear that some guys might be kinkier than others and it is to them I send my message.
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