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We appreciate everyone’s patience while we’re working to take binge watching to a whole new level!!! For years, our most popular member request was from members who asked us if there was a way to access EVERY Kink site — a VIP Pass that would allow you unlimited access to every scene ever shot, for every channel, at any time. With our recent relaunch it’s finally available!

If you’ve been on Kink in the last week or so, you’ve probably noticed some upgrades. If you had a single site subscription, in the past few weeks, we’ve increased your access — giving you updates to groups of sites (Just click My Stuff!), for the same membership price as one site. It’s our way of thanking you for being a loyal member.

Previously, members with subscriptions could expect one update per week. With Kink Unlimited, we are give you a total of ten new updates every week. Rather than directors producing a shoot per week per site, they now have more freedom to create specials and content that may not fit in just a single channel (such as our popular crossover shoots), and we are still updating five days a week. In addition to that, you have access to previously unavailable test shoots and ALL of the content that was formerly only available in Kink Archives (which at one time was our most costly subscription).

If you’re interested in upgrading to the Kink VIP level, and getting access to our full network, without limitations, being able to search every performer, every kinky scene, we can now make it happen — and for not much more than your current membership. For $49.99, you can have access to the entire library, as well as 10 new scenes every week. if you can handle it.


  • "our most popular member request was from members who asked us if there was A WAY to access EVERY Kink site"
    Yes, it's called hacking. This is probably too difficult for YOU to do, but it's not impossible. The machinery that would be used to connect you to every kink site exists somewhere. While you are supposed to pay, or some computer will stop you from entering a site, there must be someway to get past some firewall and get somebody else's computer to do whatever you want it to. This may be stealing, or theft of service or something illegal, but you are in cyberspace, so nobody really gives a shit about what you do.
  • @goeller - Fortunately, our wonderful members understand that when they subscribe, they are supporting the performers they love to watch and the people who work hard to produce the content you enjoy. Thank you for being a member.
  • I thought there was talk about possibly changing the update schedule back based on our feedback? Since most of the individual sites now only update once every other week. You advertise it as giving members 10 new updates per week but what you dont point out is it might be 2 for websites you actually like and then 8 of stuff you wouldn't even pay for.
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    I'm all in for the membership as long as there is more use of: ball gags, handcuffs or restraints during sex. More DP would be nice too.

    EDIT: Maybe SurveyMonkey could help generate more user feedback?
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    so you guys are taking away the content we like and giving us some thing which we don't even want in the first place that too with the increased price tag.i thought you said that you guys are considering our feedback but it surely doesn't feel like that after this announcement anyway good luck for your new site and good bye.
  • I think, the Feedback of us "wonderful members" wasn`t considered at all, even though, you said so...
  • By the way: I paid for "Hardcore Gangbangs" and "Everything Butt": If there had been any other sites I were interested enough, to pay for it, I would have subscribed...
  • I think, the Feedback of us "wonderful members" wasn`t considered at all, even though, you said so...
    very disappointing indeed

  • I assume this also means no more high quality photos? The photos attached to shoots are around 800px which is tiny by modern standards.
  • Totally disappointed with Kink. Definitely Kink doesn't know how to understand the voice of the customer. I am a member of Ultimate Surrender and TSPH. I have no interest at all in the other Kink sites. So, whats the point of adding 'My Kink Bitches' to 'My Stuff'. I am really pissed off because my most favorite Kink site - TSPH now updates every second week. TSPH produces the best TS/G porn compared to any other site and to cut down the shoots to half is really annoying. On the other hand, the gay site TSS still continues to weekly updates - please give me a break - no way TSS has more members than TSPH. Its so yuck seeing ugly men's buttholes getting fucked by TS - its just another gay site. Also, the live show for Ultimate Surrender has been cut down to 1 - the singles match is gone. I loved the singles live matches as the wrestlers used to chat with the members. By moving to Firt4Free platform, Kink is trying its best to rip off members - firstly, anyone with a Firt4Free account can watch the live Ultimate Surrender tag match and when you request anything, the Kink Support person constantly asks for Tips. With this new Kink strategy, don't think this company will last too much longer. If TSPH is not restored back to weekly updates, I am cancelling my Kink membership.
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    neal777, you make some good points. I'm someone the Unlimited membership will benefit. For example, I like Hardcore Gangbangs, Sex and Submission, Public Disgrace, The Upper Floor and the Training of O. Now I can get all those updates and explore the back catalog for one price that is reasonable. The less frequent updates are okay with me because my interests are broad.

    However, in your case, the content that appeals to you most is very specific and so you are being "penalized" it seems. It's unfortunate, because Kink is losing old customers and not replacing them with new ones which is a risky gambit. I'm not sure I understand the business model. It seems Kink is struggling to maintain and are in "damage control" mode, rather than expanding their fan base. Losing long time loyal customers is never good for business. Meanwhile, I've seen other large porn sites offering huge discounts for $9.95 or $14.95 a month. Sorry to see you go but I understand your point. :(

    All the Best,

    EDIT: Kink, if you gave customers more features like 1) bringing back live shows or 2) an option to direct our own scenes, or 3) a weekly live model/director Q&A session, or 4) more variety in camera angles instead of zooming in on someone's ass or face for like five minutes - it might convince more people to stay?
  • I wrote my statement also in the EB forum but I would like to write it here too...: I´m a member at EB for about 4 years now and I was always satisfied with the content and with the weekly updates. Yes, I´m really a big fan of the EB philosophy. Especially since there were only women to watch and no more men. Maybe I´m too critical now, but I think I´m not far away from quitting my membership at EB. 3 weeks ago the new website was installed. Well, I don´t like the new presentation. Everything has become more complicated and confusing. But that would not be the main reason for me. Maybe it´s only a question of becoming familiar with the new appearance. We members were told that we get access to more libaries here. Ok, perhaps this will be delightful for many. I for instance now have access to "Sex & Submission", "Public Disgrace", "Bound Gangbangs", "Hardcore Gangbang", "Fucking Machines", "Dungeon Sex". I really gave a try to all of them but to be honest: I don´t like none of these. The styles are not for me. And I really don´t want to see any dicks and sausages. That´s simple fact. Well, I could say I got a bad break, so it´s my personal problem. But it wouldn´t be as disappointing if EB would be updated furthermore weekly. But now I have to wait at least 2 weeks for updates and got as compensation access to libraries I don´t like. Not very pleasing. I´ll give EB a try for the next 5 updates but if I should be still disappointed all in all I will quit my membership. Sorry but I had to tell you this.
  • Kink has broken the rules of ethical marketing. Ignoring the voice of the members and shoving unwanted content and cutting back on the wanted content is totally uncalled for. The Kink research team, Marketing team and the executive management should understand ethical marketing and take decisions judiciously.

    I am a MBA Grad and a successful corporate person, I understand all these stupid marketing gimmicks. If you can't provide weekly updates, please close the shop and shut down the business.
  • Dear everyone,

    First of all thank you very much indeed to to getting "Kink Unlimited" ; a really very great development but for me I feel not very happy.

    # Because the update schedule is change
    # Because I really miss very much the good old TTOO times.
    Please look also:

    All the best
    Best regards
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter
  • Hello support-team!
    Is the invite-mail "Labor day sale" (30% off) really from you or pishing?
  • Hi, (forgive my bad english) I'm very glad of this choice, I was member of EB and FM in the past, but I can't afford to remain member in two or more different sites at the same time.
    Other KINK sites have some interesting scenes too, but not enough to purchase a membership (many SM things are too much for my tastes and disturbs me a little), but I'm glad to is be able to access to the "softest" ones now.
  • Hey Management...anybody listening? It sure sounds like I'm not the only long term subscriber here who is upset that the content updates have been cut back drastically and other (unrelated) content being peddled in our faces.

    I'm a kinky gay man...Men on Edge and occasionally Bound Gods are my go-to sites. Bound in public and Naked Kombat seemed too inconsistent (maybe management wasn't fully committed to either concept?) and I *want* to love 30 Minutes, but first you took it away completely and then cut way back on the updates so now I'm gun shy. It's great that you have other content, but it simply doesn't interest me the way your male-on-male bdsm content does. So taking my updates away - sorry, cutting them in half, or less - and then replacing them with hetero, bi, trans and/or lesbian content I don't have access to anyway is most definitely **NOT** what I signed up for and not an improvement, by any stretch of the imagination.

    I know there's a market for gay kink because I see it all the time (my other favorite amateur site updates twice weekly like clockwork for years and I have access to almost every shoot they've ever published). I know there is plenty of hot gay or gay-for-pay talent out there, because again, new faces and new shoots are published daily by countless other content creators across the web. So why the big (dramatic?) and very customer-unfriendly change all of the sudden?? Van and the talent have helped cultivate some pretty specific niche markets here, and this recent decision seems like throwing it all away in favor of some pansexual content grab-bag that nobody really seems to have asked for.

    I want to be optimistic that somebody there will come to their senses, but in this marketplace and with this much OTHER content to pick from (and more every day) I see no reason to let my money go along for the ride while you guys figure this all out. If you really wanna do something groundbreaking in the adult entertainment world, you'll let Van, Sebastian et. al. pick up the broken gay male bdsm section of your IP and spin off into their own proper studio, as KinkMen should have been.
  • The "unlimited" idea is a good one, even though updates on individual sites have been cut way back. However, the navigation changes are very poor! Model search is ridiculous. You can't even enter a model's name! Use of the "MORE" button to page back to older scenes is useless. And when you do finally find scene you want and click the back arrow to find another, it takes you way back to the beginning and you have to hit "MORE" again and again. What was wrong with chronological page numbers? Also, if you want to download just a segment of a shoot, you have to guess which segment has the content you want. There are no pictures to indicate what is in each segment. Why did you change navigation that was fine before? Major screw-up!
  • Does anyone from Kink read these posts? Or reply to them? Is anyone doing anything to fix the navigation on these sites? Working through the shoots to find the one you want with the MORE button is so tedious and frustrating it seems sadistic of Kink to make us use it. The "advanced search" for models is a joke! Who wants to filter by "foreskin"? How about "Model Name"? We deserve answers about what is being done about this fiasco.
  • Like Nort12 I doubt that anyone from Kink regularly reviews the Forum posts. But on the off chance that someone is interested I record that the "Bonus" sites I was supposed to be able to access via "My Stuff" seem to have been removed.

    Is this another "enhancement" for my benefit or am I supposed to read minds to find out what is going on???????
  • When the number of shoots being provided for the same subscription was reduced Kink indicated this gave their Directors/Webmasters more freedom to produce content. I took that to mean the content quality would be improved without the pressure for weekly updates. Whatever ones current view on quality is (and this is a personal judgement) nothing is ever perfect and there can always be improvements. I subscribe to HCGB and having waited a number of weeks cannot say there has been a jump in the quality. So it seems loyal subscribers are being asked to pay the same for less shoots of the same quality and are asked to accept as a "benefit" they can have access to sites they were not interested enough to subscribe to. Sounds very much like a "disguised" doubling of the price!!!

    On scanning thru various Forums I do not think I am the only subscriber coming to this view.

    Bearing in mind the "enhancements" were done without communicating with subscribers. It was only belatedly anything seemed to appear on the Forums giving subscribers the good news one is left wondering just what is the Kink view re customer service?? Presumably we are all mind readers.

    I still seem to be short the extra content I was originally given via "My Stuff". Am I eventually going to be advised as an after thought that the "benefits" have been "enhanced" again to streamline my Kink experience by focusing my access to my original subscription??

    I have been a loyal subscriber and supporter of Kink for many years but recent events indicate that such loyalty is not returned by Kink. Many subscribers contribute comments and suggestions to the Forums without any response or feedback from Kink. There is little evidence Kink even look at the Forums on any sort of regular basis. Any comments Kink produces seem to be a belated after thought.

    If subscribers were to approach the payment of their subscriptions in the same way I am not convinced Kink would find the subscribers approach reasonable.

    I do hope recent experiences are not evidence of Kink being in crisis.

    But I suspect subscribers will never know because Kink prefer to not communicate with those who buy Kink's products.
  • Hi everybody,
    Thank you very much for your feedback. We apologize for not responding sooner.

    We've been receiving a lot of comments from you about Kink Unlimited, in the forums, in shoot comments, and in emails to the support team. These comments are being noted and shared with management, especially your specific improvement suggestions and your specific constructive criticism.

    We have made search function improvements and improvements to access to archived material higher priorities specifically due to your responses. Please keep sharing your opinions with us, thank you!

  • Please bring back the photos, and the old way of viewing them. Thanks!
  • Kink Unlimited Subscription - I have a picture where I can have it for 20 $ per month. Why can I not get this subscription ? Can you set my rebill price to 20 $ ?
  • I would love this, but $50.00 a month is a little too pricy right now. Any other deals at the moment? I love you guys, and am a proud member when I can be.
  • Hi @jtruschner - I'm not sure I understand your question. You have a picture where you can have it for $20 per month? Can you please explain in more detail?
  • @gt06789 - we actually have a 25% off promo right now, if you're on our mailing list it should be in your inbox! The subject is "Here's Our Most Popular Models of September. Plus 25% off!" Just click on any of the models and then click on "Join".

  • "However, in your case, the content that appeals to you most is very specific and so you are being "penalized" it seems. It's unfortunate, because Kink is losing old customers and not replacing them with new ones which is a risky gambit. "

    Yes, I am one of those customers and I know many more agree with me. I myself have been a fan of fucking machines and other more traditional sites such as hardcore gangbangs and whipped ass. Many of us are tired of the dungeon feel in terms of sets. Many of us don't get off on gay porn. So why is it that kink continues to support those viewers and alienates others? Why does it feel that kink does not listen to it's fan comments. Take fucking machines- if you receive NEGATIVE comments right underneath the garbage videos you expect me to pay 50 bucks a month for- why don't you react to this?? This shouldn't be so hard to fix. Give us some hot scenes and make us cum. How damn hard is that?? Keep giving subscribers shit updates and make us wait two weeks to see shit updates and consider your fans hitting the cancel button. I understand that torrents and whatnot are killing the porn industry cause we can all get creative and just get the videos for free... The music industry is dying in the same way. Well GIVE US A REASON TO PAY for content guys!! Give us a reason or consider the fact that you are failing us. This shouldn't be so hard of a concept to understand!!!

  • Dear everyone,

    "However, in your case, the content that appeals to you most is very specific and so you are being "penalized" it seems. It's unfortunate, because Kink is losing old customers and not replacing them with new ones which is a risky gambit. "

    Yes, I am also one of those customers and I would be immediately a customer and long-term member if I would see again the good old time of TTOO with four or five trainings days of a trainee, couple trainees, lesbian trainess, male and female trainers & female guest subs, live shows, every week one update, more pictures.

    Best regards
    All the best
    Have a nice time
    SirMastermind Peter

    PS.: I really missed the old time of TTOO!!!

    Perhaps it would be better for Kink to make three "Kink Unlimited" parts:
    # "Kink Unlimeted - Gay"
    # "Kink Unlimeted - BDSM"
    # "Kink Unlimeted - Lesbian"
    and having on each Kink site every week one update.
  • @SirMastermind

    Thank you very much for the constructive feedback, it is much appreciated.

    We're disappointed to hear that you're not happy with our content. Our goal is to produce content that our members enjoy! ;) If you would like to have your most recent subscription payments refunded and your account closed, just let us know and the support team will gladly take care of that for you.

    Directors and production staff do read the forums and the shoot comments, so by all means feel free to post in the Fucking machines forum or comment on Fucking Machines updates about what you would like to see more of - which models, costumes, scenarios, machines, etc. JP, the director, is very receptive to constructive feedback and is often really great about obliging requests from fans. So please, tell us what turns you on!
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