Only more 26 TTOO updates/year (2 updates/month)? Why?

Dear everyone,

Why there are only more 26 TTOO updates/year (2 updates/month)?

I think this is few. 52 TTOO updates/year and every week a update was much better.

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SirMastermind Peter


  • If quality of scene is improved like old scenes of early days I would like to sacrifice quantity, but there is no sign of change. Boring scenes are coming now after 2 weeks.
  • The problem is the word "training" is used here and what we see is sex that involves the giving and receiving of pain.
    What is portrayed here is not completely unlike something called "human trafficking" this is a crime that happens in the real world. Girls are kidnapped in Mexico, and they will become prostitutes in the U.S.
    During this process these girls will be trained to be a sex slave. they are trained to have sex with whoever will pay for it, and they will learn to be afraid of the pimp who will own them, and develop a fatalistic attitude toward life and believe that they have no choice but to go on working for the pimp.
    While there may be some domination and submission involved with the videos we see here, we know the women here earn their living acting out someone else's sex fantasy, and this is not like human trafficking.
    However, the models play a woman who learns to submit to whatever she is subjected to. How can we be sure that someone who sees this will not misinterpret it as something associated with what happens to a kidnapped girl when she is trained to be a hooker?
    Maybe the name could be changed to " The Fucking Of O"
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