I would love to see several big breasted women (Cherry Torn, Penny Pax, Rain DeGrey, Bella Donna, too name a few) to be led into the room by their tits, naked. Two of them would be used for the contest at one time. They are made the center of attention. They are to stand with legs spread and have their arms tied over their head or in a spread-eagle position or simply put their hands on their head. Their Master or Mistress will then place the slave's right tit in the slave's mouth. For the slave to hold it there, she would need to slightly bite down on her nipple. Once their own tit is in their own mouth, a timer is started. The contest would last 2, 3, 4 or for 5 minutes at a time. The slave is to hold her own tit in her mouth while the crowd spanks, whips, sucks, licks, fucks, fingers, them in order to get them to gasp in pain and/or pleasure, where they would open their mouth and drop the tit. If they hold onto their tit for the duration time that is set, she wins and is rewarded. If the slave lets her tit drop from her mouth before the time is up, she loses and is punished. Rewards could be whipping the loser for as long as 5 minutes straight. The punishment could be the loser being whipped by the winner for 5 straight minutes. Or the loser has her tit struck with a cane, leaving a stripe that would signify her as a loser.

As much as people are turned on by women's tits, your sites don't do enough physical contact with them. Seeing a woman suck her own tit is the ultimate in depravity. I'd love to see women's breasts mauled, kneaded, pinched, pulled, twisted, slapped and sucked by the doms. Most men are tit-men. Why else would women augment their breasts to make them bigger? Yet, the BDSM porn sites seem to simply used them as eye candy and not physically abuse them. When I'm with a woman, she knows I'm going to squeeze her tits. and many of them want me to. Why don't you do more of this in your shoots?
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