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I'm considering diving into TUF content very soon, and it seems to have quiet a great back catalog. I've been a Kink member for years and have watched a few of TUF scenes and liked what a saw. I've recently been snooping around this forum too, but I'm really hoping someone here and "teach" me more about the content and/or explain TUF concept? I'm a bit confused. I understand TTOO, DB, PD, etc. but have never quiet figured out TUF.



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    WHOAA !!! thats a huge topic but(npi) if u truly enjoy BDSM in its 'raw' form TUF has quite a 'bit' of enthralling moments... especially the vids of Stefanos Parties which were shot 'Live' with interwoven 'Live' Parties -Features each month...unfortunately K3 has no access to the un-edited 'RAW' versions... what you will see is edited versions (which imo capture most everything that went on 'LIVE'...)...theres plenty more perspectives many have & hopefully share... KINK tried to provide something for everybody (which is another whole topic in itself...)

    for me TUF was far more exciting when they had 'LIVE' shows and free-cams that showed a lot of angles w/in each room 24/7 ... and u could talk to the Models and Directors.. the slave qtrs cam was very stimulating... unfortunately, there are no KINK updates of free cams....those days are lost & gone....

    ok what you will see -in short TUF was the culmination of the Slave training from TTOO [but (imo) never fully developed....] once the slave was trained and accepted by the House, which Peter A. was Lord & Master of, the slave was then taught how to 'service' the House in ALL capacities - the slave was expected to know the House Rules', sex-positions, decorum and basically be subservient to any guests that were invited into the House...any deviation was dealt with in BDSM fashion with the slave enjoying 'funishment' at the 'hands' of the House guests & the Masters/Mistresses- a lot of orgasm denial- no cumming w/o permission - predicament bondage (my fav especially between 2 slaves...) - what will slave do for the person in charge so that the slave will be rewarded sexually.... i believe u get the picture or u will once u pursue your quest into TUF

    for me there was basically 4 distinct eras/periods:

    1. Cherry Torn & 'LIVE' Shows (Maestro & James Mogul)
    2. JP-The Pope 24/7 'live-in' freecams w/ open communication available & 'LIVE' Shows
    3. after JP some free cam -no communication other than during 'LIVE' Shows
    4. basically whats available today no 'LIVE' Shows but parties still exist just no interaction between Members & Models, Directors, party-guests... non-party 'fantasy' scenarios that involve a kinky fetish or 2...

    all of this is from a Traditional BDSM Fetishist POV
    im sure others have differing thots and perspectives...

    i believe u will find a lot of interesting shoots from each period....especially if you enjoy whips, chains-ropes, suspension, girls having fun sexually under the Command of the Master....
    however dont get me wrong, its not really necessary to have the strict BDSM protocols understanding but imko it helps...if one enjoys some form of fem-sub level being Controlled by a Dominant then they will find something to 'wet' their desires....

    again its not possible to cover all that one will find in the TUF archives...
    but thats my take on it basically - both positive and negative.... for u Necro and what ive read/seen in your posts here i believe your endeavor will be rewarding or at least entertaining.....
  • Great post gatormanx. Thank you for all your fantastic information, history, background and commentary - I can't wait to get started. One more question I do have: is there a required slave wardrobe? It seems most girls have black nylons with red stripes...is that new or part of the contract? Also, I'm hoping to see lots of ball gags, anal sex, group sex and bukkake style cumshots - am I on the right site?
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    on the wardrobe nothing really was designated (imo)
    first it was naked no clothes while being trained
    then there was a time when Sophie Monroe was Governess that a slave-atire would be invoked (not sure how much thats captured in the Updates nor what it was...) anyways the collar was given at acceptance to TUF but that is more if appearing in a party on TUF since JP left...so today during parties the black w/red stockings and heels in addition to the collar became the dress code...

    on the follow-up
    ball gags yes
    anal sex yes but not required in every shoot
    lots of sex but(npi) more with group watching than participating(due to everyone must be tested)
    not so much bukkake
    - then again those arent exactly my fetishes -hopefully someone with them will come along and help....
    with that said it would depend on how much it is u have to have of it and what other excites u mite determine if u r on are on right site ... however, i still think you are on right site because of all the 'sexcitement' that each 'party' shoot captures... and especially fem-sub slaves such as Cherry Torn (one of my fav as a pain-slut slave and the way she exhibits herself - which few have reached in fem-sub quality[imo]) serve as example for/to me what a fantasy world would-be if TUF were to really exist in a way those that consent-willingly could enjoy w/o the economic business constraints... just my opinion on TUF....hopefully u will find the same adventure.....
  • Awesome...I look forward to finding out for myself. Thanks Gatormanx!
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    ok -yes i agree
    this is over-indulgence on/of Cherry but one can never have too much Cherry (imko)
    kf-tuf - hst 001

    one of very few who look u in the eyes

    kf-tuf - hst 008

    and then suck u rite in no matter who u may be....

    kf-tuf - hst 005
    kf-tuf less bndg

    .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON..... \:D/
  • Awesome. Thanks for the preview Gatormanx. That black condom is crazy! ;)
  • Cherry always fills every requirement!
  • Anyone aware of TUF scenes with anal creampies?
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