No shoot this week?

Was there no new shoot this week? Has the plan changed, first the live shoots, then the weekly shoots....hmmmmm


  • they are fading us out
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    This is horrible news if they are reducing site content yet again. I was a member of a lot of Kink sites years ago but as the years have gone on the quality across the board has gotten worse and worse, at least to my preferences (girl/girl domination).

    Some of this is maybe out of the sites control, such as Claire and Donna leaving, but alongside this I've seen changes in many sites that leave me concerned for the my future with Kink:

    Ultimate Surrender no longer caters to top/bottom sexual domination, where a powerful top would be matched with a pretty inexperienced fighter with a focus on making them cum - Syd destroying Faye Runaway and Lorena Sanchez springs to mind.

    Hogtied has no female doms,

    With Donna and Isis leaving Electrosluts and Whipped Ass have become mundane, too many shoots are going through the motions and we're seeing less of a focus on the dom(s) just making the sub come hard.


    Anyway, regarding FuckingMachines, with Tomcat leaving I already felt the site had become less consistent, and looking at the previews nothing stands out as making me want to sign up again (beautiful porn starlets like Jojo Kiss & Sophia Leone are a step in the right direction), reducing this content output even further I can only imagine the lengths I will have to wait between updates I enjoy - unless every update was catered purely to my taste, which is obviously unreasonable, I could never justify the cost.

    I hope that with the option of Kink Unlimited the plan isn't to scale back the whole site with the purpose of Kink Unlimited overtaking the current single site membership format.
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