New tops?

So as i understand it, its hard to get girls that want to do big anal stuff. huge strapons, fisting etc. Since there aren't as many bottoms as tops, how about cycling in new tops? I am happy watching Ariel or Lea or other butt queens get sodomized every week, as long as new tops come in. I assume alot of girls out there would gladly be tops to the great bottoms that Kink normally has. That way we could get some newer talent. The girls that FemdomEmpire has used have been impressive, and considering that they are all tops, it could be a good change of pace to get some new domme chicks. I still remember the scene with Dana and ArielX years ago, and you guys could recreate that awesomeness with new domme chicks, totally working over Ariel's butt :) (i <3 u Ariel). ( Also, more Chanel Preston & Casey Calvert, and ISIS love. And more ass shots of the girls wearing the strapons. )


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