It's true?? 1 update every 2 weeks ??

between 2 weeks I had to renew the annual subscription but after this news, after so many years, I think I will not renew. it's amazing you have almost doubled annual subscription price and decreased the number of updates.
I hope that you will change this decision.


  • Everybody hopes so...
  • fuckingmachines has really gone down the pan since tomcat left, its like the director dont give a shit and aint got no drive to make anything new, the amateur fridays days needs to come back and new hungry director to bring it back on course..
  • This makes me sad lol. Subscribed to kink for idk a decade and only for fucking machines. All the other kink sites are not suitable to my tastes. Plus you got that JP asshat doing like every site now ie hogtied, device bondage etc. Sort of comical when a dude talks about how he has the biggest hands in the industry... like anyone cares. Def tired of him. So yah no more for me.
  • As a very small film producer in the U.K. I have made seven fucking machine films 5 unique machines and a proper dildo and quick attachment fitting and tried to get Kink
    intrested in it but no luck , but there are stacks of ideas out there for shoots and machines it needent be boring or predictable
  • R1yam inbox me your link and ill have a look, we need to open our mind to smaller producers, where the subscribers get aknowledged.
  • R1yam can you message me also a link ? where can I see your fm films ?
  • You can see the machines and dildo ect at I have not yet got my own subscription site but there are promotinal clips and descriptions of four of the five machines and site will soon be updated with the fifth and clipsof the new film.
  • I liked Tomcat. She was the best. :)
  • Not giving your loyal paying fans a weekly update is death to your reputation. I've been an on an off subscriber to FM since 2005! NEVER have I had to go without a weekly update. Hey!! Give us a DOUBLE WHAMMY this wednesday! It is the ONLY right thing to do. This crap aint cheap guys!!!
  • Found a discussion in Technical Support stating that FM will now be updated every 2 weeks. Looks like my favorite website will NOT be getting my subscription anymore. 2 weeks??? Right. Whatever Kink. Fight for survival or just accept your dying market share. What a shame.
  • there's a gap in the market maybe some other websites will begin to pop up
  • there's a gap in the market maybe some other websites will begin to pop up
    I really hope so. I've been a loyal subscriber to FM for years and an update every two weeks isn't cool. I don't subscribe to any other sites with Kink and don't want to and I'm guessing there are other people out there like me. Getting only two updates for $50 is ridiculous and Kink should understand that. Hopefully things will go back to how they were because I love FM! If not, I really hope another site like FM will reveal itself.

  • Yea. I really fear this overhaul isn't going to help things at kink but I do wish them the best of luck.
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    Whatever Kink. Fight for survival or just accept your dying market share. What a shame.
    I recently got the Kink Unlimited. I figured $50 for access to all the content was a dream come true. So I spent the last couple of weeks downloading and archiving all my old favorites like Bound Gangbangs, Hardcore Gangbangs, Fucked and Bound and some other a la carte shoots here and there.

    What I've come to realize is the newer content (2015 to now) is not good at all. Kink lost many directors and talent to other sites. And to be honest, Kink doesn't do anything very feel well anymore - it's a mixed bag of mediocre content across the board. Other sites have beaten Kink with better content (anal, bondage, gangbangs, etc.)

    EDIT: I'm gonna give The Upper Floor a try. If I'm not happy, I'm outta here...again.

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    I feel the exact same, as I said in another thread losing the likes of Donna, Claire, Isis & Tomcat has massively effected the site.

    Fucking Machines has went from updating 7-8 times a month to just 2. With that sort of output it's unlikely you will see models you enjoy often enough, and it's similar across all sites, and for £50 a month it's really hard to justify given the variety of niches they have to cover. (Meaning less chance again you will find something you like; 2 updates a week dedicated to transsexuals and females domming males for example, which is pretty niche stuff).
  • Its true that there is a lot of content that will be of no intrest to some and if you only get two updates a month and the content does not improve its not such a good deal after all
    I know they are claiming the content will imporove but it has got repetative and the early
    shoots were better ,
  • do kink staff even read our posts?
  • do kink staff even read our posts?
    Probably not. They might be is crisis mode at the moment. It's hard to keep the talent and directors if you have no creativity. :(
  • YES...the Kink staff does read the posts here...they do their best...they're not management...don't take any frustration out on them!!! :)
  • Ditto Chatty's comments...
  • Yea, this is awful. My girlfriend and I both enjoy the machines the most. They should up this to once a week and invest in the stories and guest directors. A Kink classic that should not be forgotten for it's originality.
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