WHICH, IF ANY, of the FEMALE PERFORMERS are "gay 4 pay", and which are 100% LESBIAN?

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  • Think i seen izamar in sex scenes with male too...Think most women on this site is bisexual.
  • Well there are some lesbians who won't do it with a guy for money, but will if its a lot of money. This is what we call free trade.
  • Well to my knowledge Mai Li has claimed that she's bisexual
  • All female models will state if they will do girl/girl shoots and will also say to what leval
    and that is all we need to know. There personel sexuality is their business and should be a private mater,
  • I fully agree with R1YAM.
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  • We're with R1YAAM...interesting discussion though...
  • Most models are very good at there job and I am sure there acting skills are good to but in my short experience in working with them, If there is a chemistry between them this makes a good shoot a great shoot. I do not think this needs to be down to the models
    being either lesbian / bi /or straight it is just a connection they have for this work and
    the more they work together the stronger this becomes. It probably is more down to them getting on well becomming good friends and thus being more at ease working together this is why you see producers using the same pairings again as they are more
    sure of getting a more natrual looking scene jh/uk
  • Agree R1...anyway what difference does it make...we're watching a movie...
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  • You're fine Patty...we understand your question...interesting one too...the point you made above here is good too...we're pretty sure there are some that WON'T shoot with guys at all...
  • You are right there, a model will state what and with who she will shoot with and this will
    as with the shoots I have done narrow the numbers down as I shoot lesbian films with
    the use of very bespoke fucking machines the model agent will send me a list of models that will work to this leval. U/S would be a good example as I am sure there are models that will not work girl/girl to the leval this site demands
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  • Our favorites are Ariel and Isis...but the others are great too!
  • A person's sexual orientation, or preference for which gender is actually none of your business, unless this person wants to tell you what it is.
    As far as getting down on all fours for Bobbi Starr or any of those other beautiful women you mentioned, I think EVERYBODY would enjoy doing that, even a woman who preferrs to have sex with men.
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  • You and every one can ask about a models true sexuality what none of you can expect is
    a answer, that is there private lifes we are talking about. Working in and making films in the industry, those models that state g/g xxx are O.K. with g/g xxx and that is all I need to know and also every one else jh/uk
  • tl:dr version at the bottom of this essay.

    Back in 1997-2000 I used to do a lot of girl/girl BDSM custom videos (the customer writes a scene and pays a lot of money. The harder it is, the more they pay).

    I was a BDSM virgin, and an actual virgin. My first scene I'd never been with a man or a woman. I was with a 33 year old 'cougar' style lady, tall, large breasts, red hair. We had instant chemistry and I had the time of my life. That was down to her being an amazing and warm lady. This was 'love making' not BDSM by the way.

    My first few 'real' scenes were not very good. I was too nervous and didn't connect with the other ladies, even though they were gay or bi. After I got over my nerves and understood roleplay more, I had good chemistry with the majority of the girls/ladies. But they were 90% gay/bi ladies. Because of my body shape (super scrawny, toned muscle) and my height (4'11") I was almost always the sub being dominated by older woman... Which suited me just fine, because I get my kinks from mother-figures.

    I definitely felt less connection with gay4pay girls in 'regular' lesbian shoots. I was super in to it, because they were fabulous looking, hired for their looks. But they were going through the motions. They were so used to making fake noises, that it sounded like they were coming each time they put a couple of fingers onto MY g-spot. A real turn off with that kind of fakery.

    That said, my 2nd ever 'modeling' photo-shoot was a lesbian Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired thing. I was Buffy because I'm petite, blonde, and have biceps. The girl playing Willow was REALLY great to work with, and really in to the stuff, I thought, despite her bad red wig. Afterwards I clumsily asked if she wanted to get 'a drink', and she said I was nice, but she just did it for the money, and then her boyfriend picked her up and drove away. She might have just been letting me down gently (it was the first time I'd ever asked anyone out), but I think she was just gay4pay because she only did specific things in the little circle of regulars.

    tl:dr version:
    No way you're going to find out by watching. I've had bad chemistry and scenes with people I'd been having private games with... Everyone has a bad day, and everyone has good days.
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  • Things are getting nasty here...
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  • I am sorry Ms Parker. Your question was a good one, i.e. It started an interesting thread, So you have made a contribution to this forum, therefore we owe you a bit of gratitude. I should have been more polite.
    I will try to explain this better, Suppose you were auditioning for a romantic movie. Your character would meet the Male lead and it was a case of love at first site. If the producer asks you if you were straight or gay, the politically correct thing for you to say would be "Its none of your ****ing business."
    The reason to do this is that if you told him you were gay, he may think that you should not be hired, because you would be playing a heterosexual woman so he would do better to get a straight actress, because falling in love with a man would be something a straight girl had experience doing in real life.
    Thus someone else would get the job ,not you, and the reason would be your sexual orientation. Employers are not allowed to do that anymore.
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  • I dont want to ofend any one but you have a right to free speech But the models have a right to privacy in there private lifes. I dont preach i DO WORK IN THE INDUSTRY and know that what goes on in front of the camera and whats private are im the later none of my business only the first. What i do hate is those not in posession of the facts post shit in the media that what happens when quesrions like this post are raised.You can
    insult me as much as you want I do not care my perspective is does it mater as long as the performance is convincing jh/uk
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  • What comes from this no one is dictating to any one but Izamar does not do b/g so must be les or bi sorry but many female models do g/g only becauce of there male partners. I am sure no, one models me or you are truly offfended it may well be a sign
    of being good at g/g if people do think you are 100% lesbian almost a badge of honour
    and a great advert to those hiring in the industry I for one shoot lesbian porn and know
    what models are good at this be it fake or not jh/uk
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