New release


maybe it's due to the holidays, but I do not see this week release in EB.
Am I wrong?

thank you.


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    Director Ariel has been juggling dates on the Update schedule for the other sites she Directs and trying to keep with the new platform scheduled for Aug 8th 2016 (San Fran local respective Date) this coming Monday...There hasnt been anything 'official' on the update schedule for EB so either its 'tied-up' in all the new changes, an oversite, holidays as u say, or something else which Ariel will make clear as she always assured KINK will not scam u if it turns out to be something they can rectify...
    even now it appears other than the Forums KINK is offline.....
  • Yep, no problem, just let the things be done.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • We offer a new platform that has bundled Everything Butt in a package with a few other sites. You now have access for so much more content so the execs here felt that every website needed to updated every week. Eb now will update every other Friday. You will get those updates as well as all the content in our FemDom package which encludes 5 sites all together. Please feel free to voice any questions or concerns/ suggestions to our Support team by emailing [email protected] We value all feedback
  • Hmmm

    So access to sites I'm not interested in, but less content on the one site I do like?

    FemDom package? I'd not considered EverythingButt to be such a site. Some scenes have a FemDom element, some don't, although in the last couple of years there's been a shift towards more FemDom stuff - which is a shame as it doesn't do much for me.

    My suggestion would be to look a the content produced by EB in 2013/2014, and do more scenes like those.
  • I have been asking for EB members to be put into an Anal bundle so you get all the anal action rather than just fem dom stuff. Please voice your concerns to [email protected] to help us gage what members want
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Hello all, hello TheArielX.

    first of all, thank you for your feedback.
    I'll check the other sites I can access to, but EB's style is the reason why I wanted to be a member.
    If it's not updated on Tuesday (in my country), but on Friday, there is no problem at all.

    I'll send an email to [email protected] to give my suggestions.

    (please pardon my English)

    Thank you Ariel
  • haha what a joke. they can put whatever spin they want but everythingbutt and whippedass are the only good sites they have and even those have really died. HALF the content at the same rate, no thanks, so long kink.
  • Sounds like the beginning of the end sadly
  • Hello TheArielX, sorry for my bad english.
    Everyone will judge the new platform and potentially the upgrade to KinkUnlimited, but a simple technical question: you've posted three days ago in this discussion, and on aug., 2 as a comment to the last scene of EB, that Kink will offer to the existing members of EB (and obviously, I suppose to members of any other site of the bundle) the whole femdom bundle, SINCE AUG., 8.
    I'm very interested in, as you name it, an "anal package".
    But now is aug., 9, both in my country and in California, and I'm absolutely not able to access as a member to the other femdom sites.
    What's the problem? A simple delay or other?
    Thank you
  • Well, there is still no update for me to watch (Germany). Ok, I´ll wait patiently. There are some changes. But I´m rather skeptical if I will like that. EB was the only reason for me to become a member here. I really don´t like much the other sites. It´s the EB-style I want and like. My main reason: I don´t want to see any sausage...
  • Sounds like the beginning of the end sadly
    I'm inclined to agree, if, like me, you're only interested in Everything Butt, the new 'deal' just offers a 50% reduction in new content, for a higher cost.

  • Would like more strapon content. Hence why i have kink unlimited. Am saddened to here every other week as the new update sched, have looked forward to tuesdays for several years now. Are other sites coming online that feature more?
  • Extremely disappointing. EB is the only content that interests me here and now it will be cut in half. Next they'll go to monthly updates but give us free Matlock reruns. When my subscription expires I will not be renewing.
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