TTOO farewell of SirMastermind; At the moment TTOO fire & pleasure is over !!!

Dear everybody,

My fire & pleasure is after been over seven years a member of TTOO over.

These are the reasons because my fire & pleasure about TTOO is over:
At the moment I miss very much things:

# the 4 days training of a trainee

# the roots of TTOO

# the psychological touch and taste

# the variants and diversity of gender domination (not alone one male trainer; also female trainers & male trainers; perhaps also female TS trainers)

# the training of a trainee with female guest subs

# the couple training for example: the trainer trains two female trainees or a couple trainer (female and male trainer) train a female trainee.

# exam trainings with the trainees (rough medical and gyno checkup training)

# at every training days: masturbating training, kissing with tongue training, 69ing training, anal training, fingering training, blowjob training, licking training, dildo training

# at every trainee: one training day with double penetrations training

# Live Show trainings

Now after the lot of messages and writings here at TTOO forum I am a little bit tired.

Last I thank you very much indeed to Mr. James Mogul, Mr. JP. Pike, Mr. Peter Acworth, and TTOO crew for the great and fantastic TTOO time.

Please go back to the roots of TTOO and the earlier TTOO concept and let me see all the missing things. Thanks a lot.

Perhaps I will come back. Please forgive me but at the moment I can not see any differences between TTOO and Sex and Submission. I think TTOO should be something special - a unique site.

All the best
Best regards
Have a very nice time
SirMastermind Peter


  • I agree in every word of yours
  • Wish you the best Mastermind...we've all always enjoyed your comments...
  • Agree 100%, somewhere along the way, the concept got lost.
  • yawn, So she has a big dildo in her colon, we have all seen this before, If that dildo had asstroglide on it, I could take that in my own ass.
    How about getting a dildo made out of something that can be stretched. Put that inside the model and tell her to get a good grip on it with her sphincter and hold it tight. Her master then pulls on it and stretches it so it gets to be like 4 feet long. Then she lets go of it, and the dick head comes out. Then you run the film in reverse so it looks like it is going in, instead of coming out, so it looks like OMG that dildo is 4 feet long! and it is all going inside her! Have her master act like he has to push it real hard.
  • If you like to watch naked people suffer, and you have basic cable, you can watch this show "Naked And Afraid" on the Discovery channel. They take these women out into this jungle in Africa. She gets out of the truck and they take all her clothes away from her and they just leave her there.
    She has to stay out there for 40 days and she can only eat or drink what she can find out there.
    The temperature is in the upper 90 s so she will have to do an awful lot of sweating there is water there, but it is muddy and in a waterhole that the animals have used as a toilet. She has to drink something so she must start a fire and boil the water and hope that all the cholera germs have been killed, then she has to drink this.
    Sometimes she may find a lizard that she can kill and eat, but before she can fill her stomach she has to puke, so she is always very hungry. yes , you actually see a naked woman vomit.
    Last week this blonde who had lost 30 pounds passed out and they had to have an ambulance come ,and they carried her off on a stretcher.
    Although they don't tie her up and put clothes pins on her labia or stuff like that, during those 40 days of hell on earth she will suffer way more than any of these slave trainees do.
  • The above site is a farce what models are going to do this if they are sane, sounds like
    a very scripted set up or a bunch of lunatics putting models lifes at risk. Going down that road has already caused Kink enough problems dont uou think
  • i totally agree with everything you said, especiall seeing the 4 days where the slave is go through the training.
    Now it seems like (like you said) Sexandsubmission
    The times with Lyla Storm, Holly Heart, Dahlia sky, Allie James, Penny pax etc were the best
    Bring back the old TTOO
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