Dear JP !
Can you get Felony from Bunnyranch to your FM room. I love this girl she squirts so much and she is a nympho - girl :) Please get her back for one more shoot on FM.

Best regards


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    back a few years JP then Director of TUF/TTOO did a 'LIVE' Show with Felony and was a
    'Destruction of Felony;' which some Models were doing and having fun getting destroyed at/in that time....
    kf-fm felony - jp 002
    kf-fm felony - jp 000
    kf-fm felony - jp 001
    she is quite the BDSM Model great ASSets and very tit-a-licious.....

    good choice for Felony as fem-sub...

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
  • Gatormen can you tell me which shooting number this video has? I need to buy this
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    the vid was shot 'LIVE' mite not have the butt shots u r used to on FM & and is a bit more brutal then FM shoots (fyi)

    however, if u enjoy Felony naked and earning her orgasmic "cross-eyed gush" climaxes
    this wont disappoint....

    kf-fm felony - jp 003p5x
    [....to access trailer-vid & read more click on above image...]

    for those unfamiliar with the very lusciously sensuous & arousing Felony

    as fem-sub/slave, Domme or anything else u would like her to be click image below...

    kf-fm felony - jp 004

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
  • Gatorman you are the best. Where can i send you a private Message ? :)
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    there are several ways - heres the easiest

    Step 1 - click on my screen-name above (illustrated here)
    kf-fm felony pm userx

    note - to fully display what u will see (since i cant msg my self using this method)
    the following image would appear if i were to send 'pm' to you (my name s/b where urs is)
    kf-fm felony pm user2ex
    Step 2 - [click on 'Message' r/h corner]

    hope this helps
  • thanks a lot gatorman :) *thumbsup
  • There are a lot of very good felony shoots here...
  • is she still shooting here though?
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