New Site Category Idea (To: Directors, Models, Kink)

I love the huge variety of content, it seems to never get old; It's too
bad that animal fur got such a bad wrap in the United States where I live.
I'm a fur fetishist in the U.S. and I have 570 facebook friends, probably
98% of which are fur fetishists as well, and I know they'd be loyal
subscribers if you were to offer something like that. There isn't much
out there that caters to this fetish and the few websites that are available
aren't very good. It would be phenomenal if kink were to ever consider
giving such content a test run. I know several great furriers that I'm sure
would love to support you and could offer exceptional prices for new furs.
I hope maybe one day a fur fetish site by kink will become a reality;
otherwise, really great content and I'm a very happy and long running
subscriber. Thank you. :-)
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