DB / TS scene idea - She's in the Army Now


Sorry, I must be getting really tiresome, so this will be the last one. I just thought this could make a good Divine Bitches scene, or a TS Seduction one. Not sure if this / or something like this has already been done, prob has..

She was the first woman to go on the front lines. On the day she was introduced to her unit, they were all shocked (and some smiled, lusty smiles). It was a bad start straight from the go however, as there wasn't any rooms made for women some of the men had to move our of their bunker into another groups, which was already small.

First couple of days, they were ignoring her, no-one sat at her table, or talked to her. As more days passed, anger turned to lust and things were heading towards a boiling point. So one evening, one of the team leaders led his unit to her bunker and forced themselves in.

To their surprise, the woman wasn't too shocked, they had hoped she maybe asleep, and now they were unsure of what to do, the lady took this silence to say to the Team Leader, send your boys outside and me and you can 'talk' with a wink. He quickly sends he's group outside. She informs him she just needs to change and walks into the back, telling him to strip in the meantime. When she comes out, she's wearing some kinky things (no good with describing sorry!) and a whip, he starts to say something, and she shouts 'SILENCE' in an authroity voice being the good solider that he is, he shuts up, she then tells 'attenshun' to which he snaps to straight away. Soliders have always had drilled to them to follow orders, which she was making good use of.

She does various things, and at the end she pegs him, nearing the end, she calls the boys who are still outside to come in which horrifies the team leader, they have started to come in when the team leader shouts and cums everywhere, defeated.

She looks at the group and says, 'so, who's next?'



  • How having a woman who may be a bull dyke but she is a pretty blonde with large breasts. She is one of the soldiers who is sent on a mission that goes deep inside enemy territory.
    She gets captured and gang banged by the camel jockeys. The rapists write thank you notes to Obama, thanking him for making their dreams come true.
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