Can we Get Yasmine Lee to Fuck Holly Heart & Switch? Madeline, Ariel???

Holly's last HGB was terrific. How about an HGB on the TSPH site????? Very similar to the one Madeline did where everyone was into everyone.... Fox, Eva, & Venus!!!!!!! Hot
I'm sure Holly would take the Challenge from Yasmine Lee, Jessy D, and Delia D. Whoa what about adding in Nina Lawless? Have everyone Fucking Holly but at the same time getting fucked by the other TS Beauties...
What about a mix, TSPH, TSSeduction, & Divine B's rolled into 1 massive Cuckold (the right guy, Ruckus or Reed J) and Fuck Session!!!
Let's Do This Team Kink??
Just a Thought

Shit, What about Darling, Roxy, or Angel?


  • Nice idea but no go on any males. Needs to be strickly females.

    Holly is a champ on taking loads. Used to be a fitness instructor. She can instruct me anytime lol =))
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