Couple training at TTOO?

Dear everyone,

What do you think about couple training at TTOO?

I think it would be very great to see couple trainings at TTOO.
For example:
Nora Riley & Sydney Cole

Nora Riley
Nora Riley

Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole

All the best
Best regards
Have a nice time
SirMastermind Peter


  • I didn't like the idea.

  • back a few years now, when the slaves were 24/7 'live-in' on TUF they did try it
    red - blue ( Iona Grace, Krysta Kaos)
    muscles - sparky (Cheyenne Jewel, Sparky Sin Claire)
    kitten and taters (Lilla Katt, Nicki Blue)

    if there are Models who wish (r-willing) to portray 'becumming' a lesbian whether its Models who have never done F+/f+ (which would be fun and spontaneously kinky erotic) or Models well experienced and who can convincingly 'act' as if F+/f+ was something brand new or at least the Models want to learn more on how to plz another female...
    and of course any misconduct in TTOO rite is punishable until they get it correct... and of course each trainee must earn their orgasm and cumming w/o permission isnt acceptable

    and M+F+/f+ is an interesting match-up..... although its rarely seen

    all of which the more Models involved the more difficult it is to coordinate and bring to fruition...

    this is possible but not high on priority outside maybe a re-visit to mult-intake trainee
    for a shoot or 2 once in a while but nothing on a regular basis...
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