Idea for a new asian style sub site

Hey guys,
u know the asian company baby entertainment?
They make great bdsm movies with fuckingmachines included as well.
I like their movies a lot, but they only have asian models and they're censored.
Would love to see somethin like their movies from a western company with western girls.


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    Like the concept but hate the sounds coming from the ladies. They sound as is they are 10 years old and that is such a turn off (unless, of course, you are turned on by the sounds of 10 year old's in porn). If you want to listen to a beautiful Asian porn star who could make you cum just by the sound of her pleasure and pain, then check out Leanni Lei's scenes (dated but still hot). Those are the sounds that any future director should strive for and not the whiny, high pitched child-cries that originate from so many Japanese porn sites.
  • Why not a mix of western girls and asians as well?
    Most asian girls you get only censored, thats sorry.
  • =D> =D> =D>
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    like any decision considers - it will depend on what the market is and projections of.... most of the $ come(npi) from KoD so if the A/asian models current volume is generating $ & more demand and its worth competing w/ the Asian Cos
    then u may see something along that line -if they (Kink) do it u can be sure it will be TOP quality w/ the best anywhere story lines and performances.... it will address all avenues of the kink life-style and it wont be the cheap quality most of the web has....
    if they dont there is good reason they dont.... one thing for sure threads like this can contribute to new ideas or help enhance existing 'in the works' projects...

    imo- there is more visibility-requests for the A/asian models happening-but the whole International spectrum is being represented more as well -(imo)

    others here of course, will differ im sure.....

    and of course if KINK stays as KINK.......stay tuned......
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