Greatest match of all time

I would love to see Isis love come back and take on Ariel X?

anyone else?


  • Sure would be fun if Isis love would return. But greatest match of all time? Isis love wouldent have a chance against Ariel X, if Ariel wants to win.
  • Oh hell yea :D
  • What made Isis so good was that she let you have your way like she was playing with you . Then she would just snatch it back from you thin punish you. Those fantastic holds the humor the wittyness and the sexy tanned mocha sexy body and could she do a round four I may add. Boy we had some great ones here. Although current models we have are just as great
  • The first time Isis wrestled Dragonlily is my favorite
  • Isis was retired by Matt due to on-going injury issues but a fit Isis would have been a good match jh/uk.
  • ArielX would wipe the floor with Isis, like Dragon Lily did it with Isis in her last match. So this would be a one sided (boring) match but for sure not a great match. And by the way: I don' t miss Isis, most of her wins were over unexperienced girls, so her won loss record is not so impressive as it seems.
  • Isis was great, but never really beat any of the top girls. She beat Darling in her rookie season by only 9 points, beat Rain Degrey and Holly Heart by only narrow margins, and lost convincingly to Nina, Vendetta, Syd, Janay, Dragon, and Ninja. She was the best of the second-tier but could never quite make it to the elite.
  • Isis was very entertaining when she fought rokkies, it was the good old time. There is no more girls who can make a rookie cum like her. I am no more a member, but it seems that ArielX hasnt been able to make a rookie cum on the mat. Isis was one of the most talented wrestler, her talents was at their best with a rookie.
  • Hey, Ariel i need to ask is why there is no brackets for summer vengeance 2016?
  • @asuhail02: you ask in the wrong discussion. There is a discussion "Summer vengeance for Season 13" and there is the bracket.
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    yes, if/until the 'new' Format will give sites like U-S the ability for Directors to
    include information like all Ariel provides - she explains in the SV-13 Thread she will use the Forums ....

    here is excerpt from SV-13 Thread:
    I know many folks dont frequent the forums so they may not see this. I have no way of communicating to people who dont read the forums. Our IT department can not and will not be able to update the brackets on the brackets page. We are migrating over to a new platform and under this new platform for kink there is NO field for posting the brackets so they will only be posted in the forum and on my blog. I still see people in the forum asking me to post new brackets on the bracket page even though I've mentioned several times, in several threads that this is not possible....

    here is SV-13 Thread KINKy Address:
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    I would love to see Isis love come back and take on Ariel X?

    anyone else?
    prolly a better shot on/at seeing Sex-Goddess Raquel Welch cloned in her early yrs appear at KINK....

    Isis 'The Goddess' Love is no doubt an Ultimate champion of 'sextraordinary' 'sexpectations'


    highly unlikely to see her in U-S non-scripted action as a fierce contender

    maybe a scripted fantasy feature tag-shoot w/ other champions...

    on the other hand she hasnt been visible on a KINK production cam according to KOD since July 2015.... (Date-of-this posting Aug-1-2016)

    ...... KINK-ON.........
  • Dia vs. Ariel 4, i'd pay extra for that one
  • Wow !! Isis vd ariel ,,it will be one of greatest match. R4 will be hot as hell

  • prolly a better shot on/at seeing Sex-Goddess Raquel Welch cloned in her early yrs appear at KINK....
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  • Wow...I have a few ideas on really good matchups, but I'll gladly research to firm up my choice(s)
  • Choosing the "Greatest Match of All Time" is a highly subjective question. It is unique to every viewer and all depends on what one likes to see. I'd rather see members opinions of what represents the "Most competitive match for Season ?" .... the most popular wrestler of Season ?. The most improved wrestler at US. The wrestler everyone likes to see get destroyed on the mat. Etc.
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