Suggestions for Bound Gods

Dom Battle. Four muscle guys, 2 subs, 2 doms. The subs are buck naked, the doms are in black leather chest pieces, etc... The doms are having fun with their toys when the subs start trouble with talk and suggestive looks. The doms start being a little aggressive with each other. Some how the slaves get free of their bondage and one of the doms is taken down. He is stripped of all his gear and the former subs put it on. The fallen dom gets triple teamed hard, fighting and screaming through the entire session. Nice part is we now have grudge between to doms that could exploited in another shoot. HOT, but just a suggestion.


  • hello i would like a boudgods new video with Seven Dixon and Dak Ramsey as slave , and the new dom Jaxton
  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to leave this suggestion, but I would like to recommend you buy the piece of equipment shown in the the video at this link. I would love to see it used on some of your male models!

  • I don't think I've ever seen an example of pony play on Bound Gods, something I'd love to see. Some fit guy bridled up, plugged with a tail and made to prance around in circles and be ridden. Slave dressage, the humiliation aspect is brilliant. I'd also like to see more hypno/robotization. Keep up the great work. :-)
  • Would love to see Sean Dixon and Joey Carter together, both dressed as cops with one knocking out the other and then tieing the knocked one out and then punishment and fucking.
  • It's high time Doug Acre knew the Knuckles of Love! Officer Maguire should do a cavity search, punch out that rectum, and make Doug's rosebud bloom!
  • I would like to see Trenton & Christian "flip-flop" dom one another. Throwing in
    some "passion" that they've shown so few times with others here in KinkMen.
  • Sebastian STOP this recent trend of denying the subs to CUM on camera!
    Please, I want to see these HOT guys shoot their loads!!
  • This NEW format is there a login/logout page?? As a member for 6-7years do I have
    the option for the old page/format??? It's hard for this old fart to learn new tricks.
  • Where will you post the date & time of the next Bound Gods live show???
    So sorry I miss this last one. :-(
  • It would be nice to see a bound gods and naked kombat crossover- battle with the loser being gimped or trained as a slave
  • In recent shoots the model's comments in the interview scenes are frequently virtually inaudible. Would really like to be able to hear their answers to questions and their comments.
  • Would you bring back Connor Maguire?
    Trenton Ducati always mention's a flogging Bound Gods video between
    himself and Van. Anyone knows which BG video Trenton's referring to?
    Please help me find it.
  • That flogging happened during one of the legendary live shows with Van, Trenton, Adam Ramzi & Zane Anders:
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