Ariel being to good

Ariel is far to good for all the competition, But is it time to get a handicap match? Ariel vs 2 or maybe even 3 vs 2. Would be nice to see Ariel get some competition and maybe even the chance to see her lose


  • That sounds Really good. I mentioned that about 2 years ago. No-one Though much of it back then. Maybe it will go better now.
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  • Sorry I am absolutely against handicap matches. That's unfair fake!
    The better, stronger wrestler has to win.
  • And Ariel is not a regular wrestler, she is Director.
  • Just break her in like a bull ;)
  • Although I understand that some other members are adamantly opposed to any type of handicapping, I've been a proponent of some type of handicapping system for Mistress Kara for quite awhile now. If the forum rumors are true, it seems that we may get so see a 2 on 1 match at US of some type in the near future. Not knowing what the match rules will be, I can't say yet whether or not I would approve of this as an "appropriate" handicap system, but if it allows Kara to continue competing at US against lesser opponents, then I'm happy to see it, provide that Mistress Kara is agreeable to the challenge. Since she already defeated Izamar and Beretta once in a 2 on 1 challenge, I hope that this coming match will be equally as competitive and exciting to watch. Best of luck to Kara.

    If this match turns out well, then perhaps Ariel will consider competing in the same fashion also.
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    I remember handicap Dia ver. Adriana/Ami. Dia then looked quite decent, but tags her much exhausted, and the end result ended up not in her favor.
  • I have mixed feelings about handicap matches, and I think a large part of that comes down to how they are done, which can only be worked out on a case by case basis for each wrestler.

    On the one hand, individually competitive matches are best, and I'd rather challengers spent the time and energy upping their own game rather than outnumbering a stronger opponent, but there are other matters to consider.

    Wrestling is a martial art, but not all wrestlers are martial artists. There's a clear divide on the roster between wrestlers who also practice other combative sports and those who don't. With training over time that divide can only grow, which is an issue considering how small the fighter pool is, and how it will likely shrink as less rookies return enough to become elite themselves.

    To never have handicaps may lead to more uninteresting matches; you can only have so many variations of the same thing. The vast majority of matches held are predictable, switching things up may give a welcome surprise every now and again.

    Also If you were a mid-tier wrestler (often determined by size and experience, not necessarily technical skill), who knew there were opponents you would always beat, and others you had no chance against unless you invested vast time, energy and expense into training, why fight? There are plenty of other sites under the Kink umbrella that offer sub/Domme work without the risks of training and grappling. To keep coming back to fight, you have to love it and accept certain levels of pain and potential damage, not just from you own efforts, but your opponents and referee. That is not a common mentality. As an aside, most forms of handicap, other than points based, would increase that risk.

    Finally, there is the level of fun the handicapped wrestler is having. In Ariel's matches, she has a level on control through skill, but also enjoyment. Frustration increases risk of injury. So, handicaps have to be manageable, both for the wrestler and spectator.

  • In my opinion the handicap is the adventure. And like any adventure, it is inherent in the first those who do not have enough adrenaline and excitement. In these matches more weak fighters rely on accidental success. Stronger, on the contrary - in the process of trying to transform the risk of psychological and physiological arousal. In the end, both parties get serious confrontation with unpredictable consequences. Of course I'm not arguing with the fact that to watch it all from the is interesting and curious. To participate in it - utopia! And I absolutely agree with Xerces that no portion of adrenaline is not worth the risk to some serious injury and the chance to say "goodbye" to his career wrestler.
  • P.S. : I want to apologize for my English. Do not judge a pianist - he plays as is able)))))
  • Well said Xerces. Hope we can see the type of compromise you describe in the coming season.
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