Baby Kitten Looking For Her Master or Mistress

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Yeoboseyo! ^-^
Hello there! My name is Baby Kitten!

♡ I am 23 years old
♡ Living in Northern Utah
♡ I am a wonderful mix between Kitten and Slave
♡ I am on the heavier side. The last time I went to to doctors, I was 5'7" and weighed 250 pounds. I have dark brown hair, with blonde in it. Shoulder length.
My boobs are on the smaller side. I haven't worn a bra in months but I know they have grown. I plan on measuring within the next week.
I have one tattoo and my ears pierced.
I love my feet being played with. Size 9.

I am looking for an online Master/Mistress. I've only ever had one Master before and he was not very good. He only wanted to use me for sex. NOT WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR. :( So, I am basically a new Sub.
I also have had an occasional "Baby girl" side. Someone who understands that would be lovely.
I am also looking for a Sugar Daddy/Mommy. I am not looking for someone to pay my rent or to support me. I manage fine on my own. I just would like someone who will spoil me! The occasional gifts, maybe a small allowance.

They can be the same person or two (or more) different people. Must be okay with that!

I would like to chat on Kik to start with. And eventually work to skyping. I can prove that I am real, and will show my face, in a one on one conversation. Pictures, videos, and everything in between.
I am also on Fetlife. Which I am in love with.

I know this is very long. But I feel as though if I am not specific enough, I will only get creeps who want one thing. -.- Thank you, for taking the time to read it. Please message me with any questions!


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