What's Happened to the Kink Forum

The Kink.com redesign doesn't appear to have a link to the Forum section. I had to use by browser history to navigate here.


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    as its set-up currently and depending on which KINK version you use.... (Classic or K3)

    Classic (see illustration below)

    Just click on 'Forums' (see example/illustration below)

    K3 u have to be signed/logged in to see the 'Forum' option

    Other Options

    some have browsers set to open
    if they type 'kink...' and/or 'forum' ...or some form thereof/in

    some Windows users have desktop short-cut

    and some go your way

    and prolly theres plenty other options....


    Classic Example

    kf-forums access0x

    Bottom line - u have to be signed/logged in if you are accessing Forums from K3
    http://www.kink.com/ (if not signed in & u click on hi-lited text u will not see "Forum")

    hope this helps ....

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
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