Model ID/shoot identification

I need help identifying this model and/or the shoot. I think it's a kink shoot based off the background, although I'm not 100% sure. Any help is appreciated!


  • difficult..... :-?
  • Still need help if anyone has any suggestions.
  • I feel like the model resembles Angel Allwood, but I'm not positive. The set and the wrist ties to the bed make me think it's probably Sex And Submission. I hope this helps!
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    Somewhat unrelated to the OP's question, but now with the Kink Unlimited subscription, it would be awesome if each shoot had a visible ID# and tags? That would make trying to navigate the extensive Kink catalog easier than going through the model search.
  • @necromancing5150,

    Thank you for asking!

    If you go to to login you'll be viewing the newest version of our site. You should notice that both your suggestions have already been answered! :D
    For starters, look in the URL - this is the latest Upper Floor shoot, for example:
    that number after /shoot/ is the shoot ID.
    The pattern is similar on the old format of our site as well. The url for the same shoot on Kink On Demand is
    So if you already know the number of a shoot you're looking for, adding it after
    will take you straight to it :)

    Regarding tags - tags are also already active on, for old shoots and new ones. The tagging feature is still rather new so it will be added to and refined with time, but all shoots include tags. For example, the Upper Floor shoot which I linked above is tagged with: humiliation, caning, nipple clamps, slave, anal, The Upper Floor

    I hope this helps!
  • That's the first thing I figured out when I joined Kink many years ago.. Was how to search for a certain video using the shoot IDs.
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