Anna Tyler Out of Tag Teams and rookie cup tournament

she cancelled last minute on me again...

as some of you saw, she won her match today in the rookie cup tournament.

I tried booking her for another match, she cancelled and I had to take her out of the rookie cup tournament.......This means. Alexa Nova gets to move on. The match between Alexa and Anna was so close. Alexa technically did not tap out for the submission but I called it a sub and gave Anna 10 points. She barely won the match anyway...Alexa is back in the tournament.

Being the second time Anna has cancelled on me last minute, I will not be having her back. She cancelled for tonights Tag Team match. the only girl who was local, tested and who could wrestle is Lisa Tiffian so she will be a temp fill in for Penny's Team tonight only!

Lisa and Mia lost against Izamar and Juliette in the first tag tournament match up. It was a good fight...check it out.


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    Ariel you are The Ultimate CHAMPION in 'wrestling' with the schedule match-ups .... ^:)^

  • Ya, sorry to say Anna Tyler seemed boring to me. She vented anger at one of my tweets where I said 'rapey-kissing' etc. Good that she is out. I am looking forward to see Nikki Delano vs Alexa Nova - Nikki told me there is lot of forced kissing in it :-)
  • oh, I loved Anna Tyler. I thought she was very hot. Was it difficult to work with her?
  • Difficult to work with Ariel said she didn't show back up or answer or report back for shoots etc matches. That to me is difficulty
  • Unfortunately Anna seems to be unreliable and so Ariel won' t book her again, that's O.K. , but I would get angry too (like Anna) if always the same guy permanently molested me with tweets and stereotype pleadings.
  • In the very limited time I have been in the industry I have learnt all about how nerve racking a shoot day is and how hard it is to book models, full marks to Ariel for her
    recruitment skills ever since Matt created the site this has been a tough task for the amount of shoots and the type of content I am sure Kink has its fair share of cancelations even has a large company.
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    Philostratus should become the Twitter police and look after little girls like Anna on social media. Its really stupid that Phil is finger-pointing me by writing imaginary stuff. The actual context what I meant is this - after her 1st US match, I told Anna she did a fine job and the rapey-kissing was fun. She didn't like the word 'rapey-kissing' as she said it sounds non-consensual to her. My take on this one is - If Anna is so sensitive, may be she should not be in this industry.

    If folks pay some attention, Ariel uses the 'rapey-kissing' phrase time and again and most girls love to do forced kissing during wrestling rounds. So, Phil if you have a problem, complain to Ariel - there is no point opposing everything that I say.
  • Your permanent tweets and stereotype pleadings, trying to turn the shoots into Your custom videos, are boring. Imagine every member would do this.
  • Oh great - you are stalking me on Twitter. Well done. As I said, if Ariel has a problem with what I request on Twitter or on this forum, she will let me know. I don't need any moron to constantly bore me on this forum.
  • Sorry Neal, I have better things to do than to stalk You and read Your stereotype boring tweets.
  • Diva queens are common throughout the entire modeling industry, even non-porn. It is so nerve-racking these days to schedule anything with anyone under 25 because, as a whole, they're proven unreliable yet are a necessity to cater to the demands of porn
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