I second the motion: bring back Katherine Cane!

JP, just want to say thank you for that awesome shoot with Katharine Kane. Not only is she a beautiful model, but she has the best feet on the planet!!! Thanks for those closeups of her soles and toes. I don't know if Katherine reads these forums, but please pass along to her that we really would like to see more of her.

Also, as a foot guy, I have to commend you for a lot of recent shoots with good soles shots. Please keep them coming. I'm moving to Hogtied next and hope to see more of your work and awesome feet! Thanks again--your work is awesome.


  • I agree. I could watch Katherine Cane all day long. The simple scene with her standing under the whip just blew my mind.
  • Agreed! I would also love to see her on fucking machines. It's such a treat to see models who usually do the more BDSM sites enjoying the pure pleasure of the machines. The latest Nikki Darling shoot is an example of this as is Felony, Bella Rossi, Darling etc. Cheers!
  • my vote for this fantastic cut model too - MORE
  • Katharine Cane's last shoot with JP for Device Bondage was epic. She endured JP's torments serenely like a good pain slut should. It was the latest in a line of great shoots on Device Bondage involving JP and Katharine. JP loves to punish and Katharine loves to suffer, so its a match made in heaven. I fully support the motion to bring Katharine Cane and JP back together for another round of deviant fun.
  • Just finished watching the last Device Bondage scene between JP and Katharine Cane, again. I think it is time to see more of those Katharine Cane smiles and hear more of those giggles as Katharine contemplates and endures more JP torments and painful fun. JP and Katharine need to add another chapter to their always original and amazing Device Bondage shoots.
  • Could not agree more about bringing Katherine Kane back. She must be one of the best models ever seen on this site. So count me in for her return. \:D/
  • I think we should start a protocol that if you want to promote a Kink model in the forums and request more scenes by her (or him), the you should post the link to their model page along with your favorite photo. Here ya go.
    Katherine Cane 01
  • Love her body! Great feet and great belly.
  • This was a good one18
  • 8

    John Paul the Pope if you look into the eyes of Katharine Cane you see a masochist begging for more pain. How can you deny her what she desires and so richly deserves? It has been almost a year since you punished Katharine. Doesn't she deserve another fun-filled session of torment at your hands? Please give her and those who enjoyed your last amazing scene together another chance to see Katharine smile as she suffers beautifully at your hands.
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