Why do you subscribe TTOO ?

Dear everyone,

Why do you subscribe TTOO?

I subscribe TTOO because I like to see:
# 4 training days of a trainee,
# to watch the behavior of the trainee to the variants and diversity of gender domination ( male trainers and female trainers including female guest subs),
# to watch the trainee that she works and improve her limits,
# to see position trainings, protocol trainings, contract trainings, medical checkup trainings,
# to see kissing with tongue, masturbating, 69ing, blowjobs, licking pussy, fingering, fucking, sucking, strapon, pussy, anal and DP trainings.

All the best,
Best regards,
Have a very nice time
SirMastermind Peter


  • To see lot of punishments, if the trainee failed to do a task. That's the real fun.
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