son's wife car broke down storyline to produce (support this story line)

Her car broke down at night near father in laws house she went to father in laws house for help because of late night she had to spend the night there, her in law was quite drunk and he was flirting with her she didn't mind when she find an old looking disk she got curious and check it out in the CD player and it was her father in laws sex and submission videos before she got a chance to stop it her father in law find her and some awkward chatting he is tried to teach her all about the new way to sexual freedom all the night. last scene shows a knock on the door and the guy open the door and it was again his daughter in law and she mentioned this time we got full week your son is out on a business trip
actress choice : chanel preston or Abella Danger


  • very interesting story line to develope. Either actress would be heavenly.
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