Fuck a Crossdresser

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I would love to see a scene where one or more TS girls fuck a cross dresser and humiliate him. Maybe the scene could start out with them taking him over their place, and then surprise him that they are transsexuals. He tells them he is a cross dresser, and they say of course we know! Then he thinks he's headed back with two women! It is very different from the usual, and not for everybody, but I love when the man is shaved and somewhat feminine.
Must be many who agree with me, no?


  • I think that would be awesome.Hell I wanna be the cd that they take home. I live in a small redneck hillbilly town where everybody is so closed minded and are either fucking their sisters or the neighbors livestock.But let someone see a pic of me dressed up and ole how the name calling begins...sorry about that. rant over but it's an awesome idea
  • I know there must be some CD fantasizers out there!
  • Sounds great!
  • Great idea. I don't know whether ts women find feminization fetish offensive or not. I imagine some wouldn't and they'd be up for this. Could the site look into this?
  • wonderful idea and not only because this is a fantasy of mine , would love to be transformed from a boy 2 a cd sissy in 2 a feminized submissive little sissy made into a complete slave gurl
  • I love to dress for my wife and this is one of our fantasy
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    omg yes please, crossdressers are sooo exciting!!! (may I be the crossdresser???) :P

    don't forget some torture, humiliation and bondage <3
  • Im a crossdresser and I would love to play the role of being kidnapped by two TS Girls. They would make me strip from my men cloth and have me put on a female sissy uniform and force me to serve them. Id love to be shackled and put on a chastity device. After serving them they would force me to put on a whores outfit and walk the streets for money.
  • This could be very nice, I could like it. Yes, let's give it a try!
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