New Torment Station Suggestion

If 30 Minutes of Torment is resuming production, a suggestion for a new Torment Station is a Tickle Torture Station. We know the tickling segments on Men on Edge are popular and this would up the intensity level considerably.
What comes to mind is the immovable metal bondage scenario Geoff Pierson was subjected to on a Bound Gods shoot. Couldn't move, 2 merciless ticklers, very ticklish subject...very hot. Many of the models state they hate tickling more than anything so this would be a true "torment", yet they would need to "endure' the station for approximately 10 minutes out of the entire shoot. So many different bondage positions available to expose the body, spread-eagled, racked (a favorite), yet would need to be immovable to limit "squirming". That's why the "Geoff Pierson" position was so hot.


  • I agree with you. I really liked that he was completely immobilized. Completely exposed spread-eagle with the pipes or a rack is a great suggestion. Van can edge them, force them to cum and then ask them whether they want to be tickled for ten minutes or whether they would take post orgasm torment (cock polishing).

    Muscular subs always look great in bondage as they can't move their limbs, but they are able to flex and strain their biceps, pecs, abs or calves which makes the torment visually appealing.

    As a suggestion for edging, maybe lock them down using pipes on a sybian and they cant move. Then edge them using the sybian and a hand and see whether we can get a no hands orgasm with using only the Sybian. Then a 10 min tickle or a 5 minute polish, the sub decides.
  • What's HOT and what's popular In Men On Edge are two difference things. Tickling
    works in MOE because, MOE has found its niche, speaking as a former member.
    30 Minutes Of Torment is HOT and good-ole BDSM, no sex that's what's Bound Gods
    is for. Please reconsider and bring 30 Minuter of Torment back. Plan "B" put
    30 Minutes Of Torment into Kink Men Archive.
  • Comments not posting for Jackson Fillmore video, why???
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