Story Idea girl getting tied up after losing Poker game

A girl needs money so she decides to risk her last few bucks in a poker game with 3 guys she knows from university. During the game she has a very strong hand but not enough money left for a raise. So she asks if she could raise without having the money. Their opponents agree if she promises her clothing as security. She accepts and loses. Now she has to strip completely. She does not want to go home totally nude, so she begs for some clothing before leaving. The other players propose her one last fair bet. She can draw four cards while they draw one, who picked the highest card wins. If she wins she'll get her clothes back but if she looses she has to fulfill every wish the guys have until tomorrow. She thinks about stochastucs and estimates the risk for loosing very low so she accepts. Unfortunately she loses and the guys decide to tie her up having a wonderful night with her....


  • That would make a GREAT shoot on HCGB Mr. ICZ! Add a few guys to it to make it more interesting!
    Chatty the HBN :)
  • Oh nice Idea. And imho i think a good actress for this might be Penny Barber. With her bratty mouth she can easly handle 3-5 guys during the game. Is wicked enough that u would believe her to take the chance. And her face when she looses would be just priceless^^.
  • Beretta James!! Perfect in every situation...
    If you want a blonde...Cherry of course!
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Plus there is one on BGB too that is a very good shoot. I posted some from it on Blondes not long ago...
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