New to kink

I'm entirely new to this, but I want to learn so badly. I want to be a sub to someone and do exactly as they wish. That thought turns me on like no other. I want to be tied up and fucked. How do I go about finding a dom? I'm a 20 yr old female


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  • If you'd like to learn about subbing and various types of play, Kink University is a great place to start. Each shoot covers a different topic, often featuring guest educators with Kink's porn stars demonstrating the lessons.

    You could also try joining Fetlife, it's like Facebook for kinky people.
    They list events like play parties and munches, which are a great place to start meeting people in your community.

    Please remember to be safe and always meet new people in a neutral public space where there are other people around. For this reason, play parties are often a safer place to play with new partners because there are DMs (dungeon monitors) present.

    Beware internet doms who refuse to meet up at events and would rather invite you to their home for a first meeting - that's a red flag!

    Best of luck to you in your journey.
  • Great post Tech support do wonderful stuff for all of us here...thanks!!!
  • Thank you both for your replies!
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  • BE CAREFUL though...there are lots of guys that will take advantage of you!
  • me too. it's my first day.
  • I just got here myself. My boyfriend encouraged me to find a Dominant that would teach me to be a cum slut. So not regretting it!!! Before you go looking for a Dom, make sure you know all the safety rules. That's key. You don't want to end up in the hospital or worse.
  • AND make sure you all agree on the limits and the responsibilities of BOTH partners...and then have fun!
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